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8 Benefits of a Boarding School

8 Reasons a Boarding School could be the right fit for your Child

April 18, 2017

Sending your child to boarding school can seem like a bit of a daunting decision and some parents don’t know whether it’s the right thing to do.

However, there are so many great reasons to choose boarding school for your child.

1. Passionate teachers

Traditional day schools often have excellent teachers but boarding schools usually hire teachers that have advanced degrees in their subject. This ensures a standard of education that is unparalleled. Boarding school teachers are incredibly passionate about teaching and don’t have the same distractions that other teachers might have in regular schools.

2. Fosters independence

Children who attend boarding school develop strong independence that serves them well later in life. Many children who live at home and attend day schools do not have to develop this independence as they have their family to fall back on. Living away from home can be a great character builder and gets students used to it before they attend college.

3. Smaller classes

It can be easy to get lost in a large class in public schools where there could be 30 other students all jostling for the teacher’s attention. Students often don’t get specialist focus unless they’re naughty. However, boarding schools have much smaller classes which allows for more participation.

4. Students are treated more like adults

At boarding school you’re expected to take responsibility for your own actions and act more like an adult. Much more so than at regular school. It allows children to have more maturity than other children their age which serves them well as they head into the world.

5. Excellent facilities

Because a lot of boarding schools are privately funded, they have amazing, state-of-the-art facilities for students to enjoy. Libraries are well stocked and have up to date technology included in them – despite some boarding school being very old! With more books and less students than traditional schools, it means children get to enjoy more access to information.

6. Extra-curricular activities

Whether it’s theatre, music, art or sport, boarding school is filled with fun extra-curricular activities for students to enjoy. Some boarding schools actually have museums on their grounds. Teaching doesn’t stop once lessons are over – boarding school has so much more to offer students.

7. In-depth study

Whereas in public schools you may study a broad range of literature you rarely get to study much in-depth. For example, students in day schools may read one Shakespeare play per year and only learn enough to pass their exam. However, at boarding schools, students are given multiple texts and the time to examine them in detail.

8. Being smart is encouraged

Unfortunately, in a lot of public school, the smart kids are the first to get bullied. However, in boarding school, being smart is encouraged, not just by teachers, but by students too. It’s cool to be smart!

If you’d like to learn more about boarding school and how it can benefit your child, contact us at IEC Abroad. Alternatively, you can find the best UK boarding schools & Colleges for your child here.