Corporate Educational Solutions

Governments and private organisations

We work closely with universities and educational institutions to deliver superior English language education to your staff and stakeholders.By collaborating with over 100 universities and 200+ language schools around the world, we can place your staff on a training plan which perfectly matches your objectives and strategy for growth. From general English language courses to industry specific English, we work closely with your human resources department to select the right courses in the right location. This is particularly useful for organisations planning to introduce their staff to new business cultures around the globe.To date we’ve made over 2,000 corporate placements across both the governmental and private sectors. By offering a tailor made service, we can ensure your business objectives are met effectively.

What can IEC Abroad do for you and your staff?


University Networking

We specialise in working with universities all over the world and as a result we can arrange mutually beneficial partnerships with UK based and internationally based universities. This is particularly useful for institutions looking to map their curriculum with a partner university. Please contact us to find out more about our services and what we can do for you at