Student Counseling & Placement Services

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Our constant dedication to offering the best possible services to our students means we offer comprehensive advice and support at every stage of your application process. From essential pre-departure information to help with settling in, our full range of services is designed with the needs of international students in mind.

Determining the route that’s right for you

Each student has different strengths and requirements and whether you want to study English in the UK or Medicine in New Zealand, we will help to find the right academic route for you. We advise our students on:                

University Fairs and Spot Admission Events

We regularly host university fairs and spot admission events in order to give our students that competitive edge in the application process. We believe our events are invaluable to our students searching for their perfect institution and in many cases, our students will be admitted on the spot at our admissions events. Please see our news and events page for all the latest university events at IEC Abroad. We additionally offer free student counselling services so you benefit from support outside of the academic environment.

Pre-Departure and ‘Settling In’ Services

We fully understand that travelling to a different country can be a completely new experience for many of our students and we offer full support at every stage of the process. From ensuring you have the right documentation to assistance when you first arrive, our services are designed to respond to any concerns you might have. We offer our students advice on:            

Partners’ Services

Alongside our comprehensive student services, we’re committed to developing our relationships with Government sponsors and partner institutions. We believe our partnerships with over 200 institutions in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia allows our students a wide range of options for studying abroad and significantly increases their chances of admission. Our collaborative approach grants us a detailed insight into each universities application process and ensures that we promote high-quality universities and English language schools to our students.