Application Information

Deciding which university you prefer and which subject you enjoy is just the first step for international students to take when applying to study in Australia. Here are some general processes which all students from outside the country must take in order to gain entry onto an Australian university course.

Prepare Your Application

Before applying to courses you should make sure you are fully qualified and stand a good chance of acceptance. Most courses state their entry requirements online or in their prospectus, but international students often possess qualifications which are different to those specified. Contact the university or use IEC Abroad to help determine the value of your international qualifications and which courses you are eligible for.


Completing Your Application To Study In Australia

As Australia has no centralised application system you must apply to each institution and course individually, each of which has its own application requirements and deadlines. The Australian academic year begins in February and therefore has different application deadlines to other countries. Some courses allow students to begin studying in July, and some take international students throughout the year, but it is important that you check this beforehand.


Once you have received and accepted your Letter of Offer from a university you will receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment which is used to apply for a student visa.


Australian Student Visa Applications

There are various types of Australian student visa available depending on your chosen study program. Students taking a degree will need the Higher Education Visa, whereas there are separate documents required for those studying at an English language school, vocational training institution, or undertaking postgraduate research.

Visa applications take around four weeks to process, can be applied for within 124 days of your course beginning, and cost approximately AU$500 to acquire. You should check that you meet and can demonstrate all of the required criteria before you apply.


Language Proficiency

Many courses have minimum requirements regarding the English language proficiency of their international students, and whilst there are several ways you may demonstrate this, the simplest option is to take either the IELTS or TOEFL tests. Take these tests well in advance of your application, as upon completion each test will give you a registration number which you can provide to your university and immigration enabling them to verify your abilities.


Prepare Additional Documents

There are many pieces of documentation an international student may need to apply for a visa, so it is wise to acquire them well ahead of time. Physical copies of educational qualifications and any documents which prove your ability to fund yourself are essential. These may come in the form of bank statements or scholarship acceptance letters. If any of your documentation comes in a language other than English you should have them translated and notarised prior to departure.


If you have any questions about the process or requirements to study in Australia for international students, contact IEC Abroad today.