Scholarships & Funding

The cost of studying in Australia is around AU$42,000 per academic year (US$32,000), making it one of the most expensive countries in the gain an education. Yet despite this high cost almost 20% of Australian university students are from outside the country; and this is partly due to the excellent opportunities for scholarships and funding for international students in Australia.

Government Funding for international students in Australia

Your first step should be to investigate whether your home country offers overseas funding opportunities, but if this proves unsuccessful the Australian government has several scholarships available for international students.


The Australia Awards Scholarships offer funding to students taking a PhD, Masters, or Bachelors Undergraduate degree and who are citizens of certain countries within the regions of Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. There is also a postgraduate scheme linked to the AAS called the Australian Awards Leadership Program which helps students from these regions build on their undergraduate Australian education.


Non-governmental Scholarships

There are many international and voluntary organisations which offer international students help with the cost of studying in Australia or elsewhere. UNESCO and the World Health Organisation both administer scholarship schemes, and there are several options for citizens of fellow Commonwealth countries too.


UK-based students can apply for the Northcote Graduate Scholarship program which funds your tuition fees, covers travel costs, and provides a basic living allowance for the period of your stay. The ARSA Travel Scholarships for Commonwealth Citizens program also assists graduates in pursuing short-term research periods in Australia whilst finishing their studies elsewhere.


University Scholarships

The majority of Australia’s universities offer their own scholarship programs which can be applied for directly via the university itself. Melbourne, Sydney and Western Australia all offer excellent postgraduate scholarships which are primarily aimed at high achievers from around the world.


For undergraduates there are some fantastic scholarship options at Monash University, and even when full scholarships are not available there are several partial scholarships to be found in universities such as Macquarie and La Trobe.


Private Loans for international students in Australia

Australian students often make use of the country’s student loan system to fund their studies, and whilst these are not available to non-Australians, many of the nation’s banks do offer loans for international students in Australia. Banks such as National Australia, Commonwealth and the ANZ all provide international students with competitive loan rates to help fund their education, with the main requirement being the provision of an Australian co-signer to back up your loan.


If you would like more information on the scholarships available to you from the Australian Government, Australian NGOs, or Australian universities, contact IEC Abroad today for expert advice on how to fund your studies in Australia.