Scholarships & Funding

Tuition fees for students of Canadian universities vary between provinces and courses; an undergraduate degree in Architecture may cost around $17,000 Cdn, whereas a Veterinarian qualification would be upwards of $50,000 Cdn. Most students set aside $15,000-$30,000 Cdn to cover tuition and living expenses, and the majority of Canadians pay for it using a Government student loan. But what financial options are there for an international student who needs help with the cost of studying in Canada?

Government Funding For International Students in Canada

Many countries offer their own programs to assist its brightest citizens in their international studies, but if you cannot find domestic support there are several schemes sponsored by the Canadian government. Central and South American students can take advantage of the Organization of Latin States Academic Scholarship Program specifically designed to help students in OAS member states, which includes some Latin American and Caribbean nations.

The NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships and the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program also offer funding for foreign graduates looking to add to their education, but one increasingly popular source of funding for undergraduates is the international student loan. Whilst a small minority of international students can receive grants which do not have to be repaid, the majority will have to return the money with interest. This means you require a co-signer based in Canada to guarantee the country’s outlay on your education.

Non-governmental Scholarships

There are many voluntary organisations which run schemes to help with the cost of study in Canada for international students. UNESCO and the World Health Organisation both administer scholarship schemes, as does the International Federation of University Women. Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships are also available to international students, and these are mostly aimed at doctorate level candidates who are undertaking study at selected institutions.

The Anne Vallee Ecological Fund is another non-governmental scheme which is aimed specifically at students undertaking animal-research in Quebec or British Columbia.

University Scholarships

Scholarships for international students in Canada aren’t limited to government or voluntary organisations; in fact many universities offer their own schemes in an attempt to attract more students from around the world. HEC Montreal currently offers Entrance Scholarships for their Bachelor of Business Administration course, and the Toronto-based York University has a range of different scholarships available for many undergraduate degrees.

The amount of funding you can receive may depend both on your own financial status and the individual institution itself. The University of Calgary awards scholarships from $500 to $60,000 Cdn, demonstrating that there are various levels of scholarship available for every international student’s requirements.

If you would like more information on the scholarships available to you from the Canadian Government, Canadian NGOs, or Canadian universities, contact IEC Abroad today for expert advice on how to fund your studies in Canada.