Irish Student Visa

All international students who wish to study in one of Ireland's universities must obtain a visa before commencing their education in the country. There are two different types of visa; a visa for studying in higher education to degree level or beyond, and a visa for those studying to learn English or entering a non-degree course. Degree level and non-degree level courses must be undertaken at an accredited institution, and if you are looking to study English in Ireland you must be attending a recognised English Language school.  All applications are made via the AVATS online system and typically take around two months to process at a cost of €60. A degree programme student may then stay in the country for a maximum of seven years, whereas non-degree students have a limit of three years study. Both degree and non-degree Irish student visa have various requirements in place regarding fees and proof of your intention to study. In order to satisfy the Irish visa requirements it is recommended you have documentation to prove the following:

                It is also important to note that all of this documentation must be either in English, or accompanied by a notarised translation of the documents. Additional information or procedure may also be required of some students from particular nations.If you need help meeting the criteria of your Irish student visa application, or you simply require advice on the application process itself, either contact IEC Abroad today or start your application to study in Ireland.