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Advice for International Students in the UK

Each academic year students from all over the world come to study in the UK in the hope of achieving a qualification from an internationally recognised institution. With prestigious universities, widely accredited English language courses and a reputation for excellence in research, studying in the UK appeals to international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. We have plenty of hints, tips and pieces of advice for international students in the UK, so please choose from the options below.

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I feel IEC Abroad always deliver a fantastic service to both students and Universities. They continue to place the needs of students at the core of their operations which in turn enhances the student experience. All staff from IEC Abroad are professional, approachable and extremely friendly.

I would highly recomend students to use the services of IEC Abroad.

Ian Moody, Partners

Institution: University of Sunderland

The University of Lincoln has worked with IEC Abroad for a few years now, and are very happy with the service they provide to both students and the University. The staff are always friendly and professional, they have good knowledge of the sector, our institution and portfolio of courses, and they send good quality applicants.

I would definitely recommend using their services.

Kati Reed, Partners

Institution: University of Lincoln