The 10 Most Popular University Courses In The UK

For international students looking to study in the UK, it can be tricky to decide what university course to choose. It’s a big decision. Some students have a clear idea of the path they want to take whilst others need a little help deciding.
One way of deciding what to study is to look at what kind of job or career you’d like to have once you have graduated. This should give you some indication of what course to choose.
If you’re trying to decide between a few different courses, a good thing to do is look at the percentage of students that find employment once they have graduated from that course. Student course satisfaction rates can also help you decide.
Some students like to know how popular their chosen course is before they make a final decision. With that in mind, here is a collection of the 10 most popular university courses in the UK from the past few years.

10. Marine Biology

The study of organisms in the marine environment. Graduates in this field are well sought out in both practical roles and business roles. Are you ready to dive into the sea-based science course?

9. Medicine & Surgery

A medical degree allows graduates the freedom of many different avenues. And graduates with a medical degree go on to have some of the highest earnings.

8. Sports Psychology

With more emphasis on health and wellbeing it’s no surprise that this discipline has made the list. Graduates can go on to many different careers such as consultancy, coaching or therapy.

7. Computer Science

Our world is dominated by the theory and design of computational systems which has made this course more popular.

6. Paramedical Science

The world always needs more people willing to learn how to save lives! You can work anywhere in the world with this degree.

5. Actuarial Science

This is the application of maths and statistics to assess risk in financial situations. Graduates go on to become accountants or insurers.

4. Psychology

The study of the human mind is fascinating and has always been a popular field of study. Graduates have a wealth of opportunities by choosing psychology including research degrees, working in the police, following the medical route or becoming a fully trained psychologist.

3. Make-Up

For the creative types! Graduates go on to work in television and film, the theatre, special effects or set up their own company.

2. Law

Law continues to be a popular field of study and many go on to practise law. However there are other avenues to explore after graduation.

1. Physiotherapy

Amazingly 82% of physiotherapy graduates are on positive career paths within six months of graduating!
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