3 London Life Hacks To Make Student Life Easier

There’s no doubt that London is a wonderful place to study, having recently been voted the best student city in the world. However it isn’t exactly what you’d call cheap, in fact the capital of the UK is one of the most expensive cities in the world.
The city of course more than matches its cost with the high quality of student life it offers over other cities. So we’ve got 3 quick and easy London life hacks for you right here, to make student life just that little bit easier…

Hack 1: Attend lots of free University talks

Every single University in London holds talks and lectures, often hosted by guest speakers on a near constant basis, and many of them will be completely free to attend.
Not only will these free talks by world-class academics help you to learn more and develop whilst attending to your actual studies, they give you the chance to grab a free snack and a cup of coffee or two during the breaks. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to chat to the professors in attendance, to give your knowledge and study and extra boost.

Hack 2: Never mind the tube, try different transport

Sometimes it’s tempting to escape the hustle and bustle of the packed and busy London Underground. Luckily there are plenty of alternative options to get around the city, especially when you want to cut down those extra costs as well.
Why not walk? It’s a great way to get around, it’s cost effective and environmentally friendly, plus there’s plenty of amazing sights to see whilst exploring off the usual tourist trail on foot. Try new walking routes when you can, to find hidden gems down the city’s cobbled streets and canals. Transport for London’s Walking Tube Map is ideal for showing you how many steps are between Tube stations.
Alternatively you could cycle, as London’s cycling network has seen lots of investment over the past few years, making it a very accessible and affordable option. Make use of the Santander Public Cycles Scheme, which offers 750 docking stations throughout the city. You can quickly pick up and drop off a bicycle whenever you like, the first 30 minutes are free, and they are available 24/7 everyday.

Hack 3: Use your student card as much as you can

We know this one sounds obvious, but studying in London on a budget is much easier if you really make use of your student card as much as possible.
The city is crammed with student discounts and offers all over the place, from cheap movie tickets and free entry to magnificent museums, to cheaper bus, tube and train tickets. Many cafes, bars and restaurants offer half-price meals or money off drinks, plus there’s even special deals just for students with many of the Banks.   
Always remember that you have your student card and get the most out of it during your time at University.
If you’re an international student looking to find out more about studying in London, then contact us at IEC Abroad today – our specialists can help you find the perfect university for you.