4 Myths About Studying Abroad In The UK

There’s no doubt that students who decide to study abroad, whether it be London, Manchester or anywhere in the UK and beyond, have great opportunities to explore brand new cultures. They often end up experiencing life-changing moments, whilst integrating with new people and languages.
Following on from our recent myths about studying in London article, we thought we’d explore some more common myths and misconceptions that students have when it comes to studying in the UK and abroad.
So without further ado, it’s time for some more debunking…

It will be far too expensive

With a bit of careful research and planning you will soon see that there’s a wealth of affordable options around. If studying in the UK for a whole year seems as though it would be quite costly, look at studying for a certain term or semester. You could even look into getting funding to help you with your studies abroad.

Experience studying in the UK and abroad won’t matter to employers

This simply isn’t the case, as international experience is often essential for many global employers. There’s a whole heap of skills to be gained from taking the leap and deciding to study in the UK and abroad, and it will be far easier for you to identify any skills you are lacking when you step outside your comfort zone.
The confidence and experience you’ll gain from studying in a culturally rich environment like London or Manchester can be an asset to any potential employer. Incorporating another language into your studies abroad can enhance your employability even more.

You’ll be alone and won’t make friends

The number of students who are deciding to study in the UK and abroad is rising every single year, so you definitely won’t find yourself alone. In fact you’ll likely be surrounded by many others in the same situation in no time. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circle, plus other students travelling alone will be just as eager to meet new friends and even form lifelong friendships.

It will be dangerous studying in another country

Whilst there will always be parts of the world that will be considered dangerous, by and large there will be no need for you to worry at all. All international study programs will always be thoroughly checked in order to ensure your safety.
Governments and universities would never allow any study program to be approved if there was any threat to the safety and well-being of its students. Don’t forget it’s always important to trust your common sense, as studying in the UK or anywhere abroad, will still carry the same inherent risks and dangers of everyday life back home.

If you’re an international student and you’re looking to study in the UK, then please get in touch with the team here at IEC Abroad. We’ll help find the right university and course for you, so that you can benefit from world-class teaching in preparation for your future career.