5 reasons you should consider an English summer school as an International Student

You might be thinking about enrolling in an English summer school. Or, you might never have even thought about it. Either way, here are five reasons you should consider an English summer school as an International Student.

Support your university application

With thousands of international students applying for English universities every year, competition is fierce. By adding a summer school course to your application, you’re adding more experience and strengthening your chance of acceptance. Universities will be impressed with your commitment to your education and you’ll be better prepared for your university course too.

Improve your English

Summer schools have English language courses to help international students improve their written and verbal English skills, ready for the start of their university course. Taking the opportunity to improve your English is never a bad idea and you don’t even have to take a specific English language course. Enrolling on any course that is taught in English will do wonders for your language skills.

Learn a new skill

Attending university is all about learning new skills. Either before you start your course or in between terms, you can take the time to enrol on a course that teaches you skills related to your chosen field. Or you can choose to learn something completely different! It’s up to you. You can learn a range of transferable skills that you can apply to both university and work after that. For example, communication skills, creative thinking, leadership skills, management abilities and writing skills.

Improve your CV

When it comes to applying for jobs, anything that sets you apart from other candidates is a bonus. Completing a summer school course as well as your university degree highlights your commitment to your own development and education. Just like with your university application, any extra education, skills or experience you have could be the difference between getting an interview and not.

Increase your confidence

Starting university is a nerve-wracking experience for any student but especially for international students studying abroad. However, completing a summer school course can do wonders for your confidence. You can accomplish things you never dreamed of and quiet any self-doubts you have. Many students are surprised by their own capabilities – they just need a chance to shine. You can also ease into the education setting before your course starts and calm any nerves you might have. Attending an English summer school as an International Student also gives you time to settle into life in a new country. You can explore the sights that England has to offer, sample the cuisine and get stuck into English culture – all before your university course starts. Studying abroad can be made so much easier by attending a summer school first. To find out how to apply for an English summer school and the requirements you need, contact us at IEC Abroad.