5 Reasons You Should Study Law in The UK

Thinking about studying law but not sure which country to study in? Here’s why study law in the UK should be top of your list.

The application process is simple
In other countries, when you’re applying to study law in the UK, you must submit a law admissions test. However, the UK does not require this. The application process for studying law in the UK is quite simple. All you need is a personal statement, your high school and university documents and an academic reference letter.
Career opportunities
Once you have graduated, you’ll have so many career opportunities in front of you. Graduating from a UK law school will mean you can become a paralegal, legal executive, court clerk or legal administrator. There is also a range of work experience options available such as legal clinics, mini-pupillages and even shadowing in court. Hundreds of international law firms reside in the UK, specifically London. So you won’t be short of options.
Compared to other countries, the length of your studies in the UK will be quite short. For example, in the US, you must complete an undergraduate degree first, followed by three years of a professional Juris Doctor degree which must be approved by the American Bar Association. But studying the English legal system will take four or five years.

Internationally recognised

The UK law system is over 900 years old and has influenced legal systems all around the world. If you’re interested in international law, it’s useful to know English commercial law as it often informs international contracts. Studying law in the UK also means you’ll be able to study European law too. Once you have graduated, you’ll have qualifications that are recognised all around the world.
Opportunities for international students
International students who study law in the UK find that their English language skills improve and they gain a much deeper understanding of the culture in the UK. No matter where you decide to work once you’ve graduated, either in the UK or back home, you’ll have learned vital skills that you can take with you as you embark on your career.
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