5 Reasons You Should Do An English Language Course in The UK

Many international students from all over the world come to study abroad in the UK every year. It’s not hard to see why, as the UK is home to many prestigious universities, where students can work to achieve internationally recognised qualifications from well respected institutions. It’s also the best place to take advantage of the various, widely accredited English language courses on offer.
Thousands of students take the opportunity to enrol on an English language course in the UK every year. These language courses are designed to help students achieve a high level of English, either for enjoyment or to gain a formal qualification for a university admission.
If you’re an international student considering an English language course in the UK, then here are 5 good reasons why you should enrol…

1 – It’s a requirement of many top UK universities

If you’re looking to enrol on an academic course of study at a UK university, then you may discover that your chosen course has certain entry requirements when in comes to speaking English. The majority of top UK universities will ask for a specific International English Language Testing System (IELTS) level, in order for you to be considered for enrollment.
IELTS and TOEFL are internationally recognised English language tests and you will often have to achieve a score of at least 5.0 or higher for many top UK universities. By making the grade on an English Language Course you will be demonstrating your language proficiency with many recognised institutions, you’ll also improve your overall study skills.

2 – It can broaden your horizons

It goes without saying that the stronger your English language skill level is, the more courses in that you will be eligible for. As mentioned an IELTS score of 5.0 is the standard entry requirement for many foundation courses in the UK. However, going above the entry standard can be hugely beneficial.
If you happen to achieve a score of 5.5 or higher, then you will find yourself with many more options of study. Courses in areas such a Psychology, Biological Science, Journalism and more will be open to you. Plus, postgraduate courses in the UK also require a higher level of English language proficiency, so by putting in the extra work on a English language course, you’ll be putting yourself in the best position.

3 – It can help you get acclimatised

The idea of studying abroad in the UK can be quite daunting as well as inspiring.This is perfectly understandable as you’ll be faced with a whole different country, complete with its own unique culture, as you study. The long journey between studying abroad to stepping foot on a university campus somewhere far away is enough to make anyone a little anxious.
This is why doing an English language course in the UK is a wonderful way for you to not only master a new language, but to also get settled into a new country, before you even start your more challenging academic programme. An English language course can last from one to three terms, which will give you plenty of time to get acclimatised to student life away from home, and make new friends.

4 – It will give your confidence a huge boost

Starting a new course in a new country is tough, and if your English language skills aren’t where you want them to be, your confidence will drop and you may soon start to feel isolated.
By making the choice to take an English language course in the UK for a term or two, you’ll soon see your confidence greatly improve. You’ll find it far easier to make strong connections with others around you, and you’ll start to feel the full benefits of student life, while keeping those negative thoughts away.

5 – It can improve your future academic results

Enrolling on an English language course in the UK will help you fulfill the necessary entry requirements for many universities, but it can also boost your academic abilities for your future studies as well.
Having strong language skills will empower you as you go onto to study at university. Your understanding in class would’ve greatly improved, along with your ability to express your ideas fully in written assignments. Also, you’ll be far less self-conscious about participating in a class with other students.
If you’re an international student looking to enrol on an English language course in the UK, please contact us at IEC Abroad today to learn more.