The British University Fair, April 2017

What is the British University Fair?
The British University Fair for international students will be in Manchester, UK, on Saturday 22nd April.
The fair is held twice a year at Manchester Central and is an education fair that is organised just for international students.
It is a chance for international students to meet with a variety of universities, language schools and private providers from across the UK – all in one place. Around 50 different institutions will be attending.
International students can find out all the information they need to further their education here in the UK from international study experts. Students can assess all their options and even make a decision there and then about which institution they would like to attend. Furthermore, if you bring along your academic documents you could be offered places on the spot.
Here at IEC Abroad, we are proud to organise this event for international students. The event is completely free. You can either register for a free ticket online or register at reception on the day.
What are the benefits of attending the British University Fair?
Course information
You can learn more about the range of course options that are available at each university. This can be particularly useful if you’re trying to decide between two different courses. Whether you want to study business, law, film or fashion, you can find out all the course information you need – from a range of different education providers.
Universities are all in one place
Rather than having to visit each university or education provider individually – which might not be possible – you can see a whole selection of schools all in one place. It’s much more convenient and allows you to compare universities more easily.
Translators on-site
We appreciate that your English may not be very advanced. Especially if you’re looking to undertake an English language course. That’s why we have both Chinese and Arabic translators at the event to help you understand everything clearly. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you would like answered with ease.
As well as each university having their own exhibition stand, the fair also includes a number of informative seminars on a range of relevant topics.
Prizes and goody bags
The British University Fair isn’t all work and no play. There are a number of prizes to be won during the event and some free goody bags given out as a token of appreciation.
Meet other international students
The fair is a great opportunity to mingle with other international students who plan to study in the UK. You may meet future classmates and friends at the event. Studying abroad can be daunting but being surrounded by fellow international students makes the whole process that much easier.
We hope you can join us at the British University Fair on Saturday 22nd April at Manchester Central. We can help you find your dream university!