Is Canada More Popular Than The UK For International Study?

International students are beginning to favour the academic opportunities offered in Canada over those available at UK Universities, according to a recent study by an all-party United Kingdom parliamentary group.\r\n\r\nThe report’s findings seem to indicate that a recent tightening of UK immigration rules has contributed greatly to the declining interest of international students in a UK-based education, with Canada’s liberal government reaping the rewards of its more pro-immigration stance. Not only has there been a concerted effort by the Canadians to make international student immigration easier, but the opportunities to remain in the country post-study are also far greater than those afforded by the UK student visa rules. \r\n\r\n

Higher cost of living & studying in the UK?

\r\n\r\nWhen you also consider the comparatively high cost of living and studying in the UK, it seems clear why some international students are beginning to look elsewhere for a place to begin their international education. But why are so many international students specifically choosing Canada over the many other outstanding educational opportunities to be found around the world?\r\n\r\nOne major factor seems to be the burgeoning reputation of its increasingly impressive educational system, with undergraduate courses in Canada offering a broad range of research and learning opportunities to rival some of the world’s best higher educational programs. Canada’s highest QS ranked university is McGill in 24th, with Toronto also placing highly at 34th and two further institutions making the list of the world’s top 100.\r\n\r\nMany of Canada’s cities also score highly for desirability and living conditions, with inexpensive healthcare, a comfortable population density and a low incidence of violent crime all contributing to Canada’s identity as a diverse and welcoming nation. Its cities are safe and the nation as a whole is extremely multicultural, yet Canada still retains a peaceful atmosphere both socially and politically. This is one of the main reasons why Canada is so open to the prospect of foreign students becoming permanent citizens, and equally why many internationals are keen to accept this offer.\r\n\r\n

Is Canada more attractive to international students?

\r\n\r\nPossibly the only aspect of Canada which is as diverse as its population is its landscape, and it is likely that the country’s enchanting mix of great lakes, sandy beaches and luscious forests contribute to the attractiveness of student life in Canada. Each one of Canada’s provinces is home to at least one university, so whether international students prefer an exciting city life or a serene and tranquil environment, it seems Canada truly does have something to offer everyone.\r\n\r\nThere are also many practical reasons why Canada is so attractive to international citizens, and many of these benefits extend far beyond its fairly-priced educational system. The degrees offered by Canadian universities are not only cheap; they are also recognised and well-regarded around the world. Additionally Canada’s immigration laws also allow students a great deal of flexibility regarding their personal and professional lives. \r\n\r\n

Canada’s bilingual status

\r\n\r\nForeign spouses and common-law partners are allowed to relocate to the country using an open work permit, and students are also permitted to work both during and after their studies to help with living costs and the building of industry connections for the future. Canada’s bilingual status is also clearly a major positive factor in its attractiveness towards students, as not only can it attract both English and French native speakers, the country’s consistent use of both English and French throughout the nation makes it a great place for speakers of either tongue to pick up a second language.\r\n\r\nThere are still a number of things you must consider before going to study in Canada, but as we can see there are a multitude of reasons why studying in Canada is such an attractive prospect for international students, and as more and more students discover the rewarding experience a period of study in Canada offers, it seems the country is now perfectly placed to take advantage of the reduced opportunities found in other English-speaking nations to educate the world’s best and brightest minds.