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International Graduates Outcomes 2019 Survey On Studying in UK Universities

International students to the UK make up almost 20% of the student population in UK universities. With numbers as large as this, it would be interesting to know exactly...

Game Designing Major: Where You Should Apply Abroad

Do you nurture a dream of landing an innovative game designing job with a studio? Maybe your burning ambition is to develop your own video games? If your passion for...

7 Tips to Choose Your University Abroad

The world is opening up and a whole new way of life is waiting out there for you.  Universities everywhere are welcoming more and more international students every...

Upcoming Spot Admissions Sessions in Chennai

\r\n Check out these upcoming Spot Admission sessions at IEC Abroad Chennai: \r\n\r\n \r\n De Montfort University (DMU) \r\n   \r\n \r\n Delegate name: Mr.Martin Taylor...

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