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New Zealand

Australia Vs New Zealand: Which is the cheapest country to study in?

Whether you want to study in New Zealand or you’re contemplating studying in Australia, both countries have excellent education facilities and each come with their own...

Study In New Zealand: Settling Into Student Life

There’s no denying the fact that the number of international students choosing to study in New Zealand has risen over the last couple of years. New Zealand is a...

The Rise of International Students in New Zealand

The number of international students in New Zealand is on the rise. Recent figures show that more than 124,000 international students from 176 countries enrolled in New...

Study with a View? 6 of the World’s Best Coastal Universities

There are thousands of universities all over the world whose campuses are within reach of sandy beaches and tranquil seas, but whether you’re looking at coastal...

5 Reasons You Need To Study In New Zealand

New Zealand universities welcomed over 100,000 international students in 2015, and each year sees a typical increase of around 10-12% on the previous year’s figures....

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