How to choose your student accommodation

There’s so many thing to consider when preparing for university. Obviously picking your country of study, which university to attend and your specific course is vital, but your student accommodation is an important decision to make too. You’re going to be spending a lot of your time there sleeping, eating, studying and just generally living. So it makes sense to spend some time considering the different options available to you.
Many students overlook this decision and end up unhappy where they reside. To ensure you choose the right accommodation for you, take a look at our helpful hints and tips.


The location of your accommodation is very important. Are you close enough to walk to the university campus? Are there good transport links where you live? Are you close to amenities such as shops and restaurants? Location also affects price too. The closer to the centre of a city you are the more expensive your accommodation will be. But then you’ll save money on not paying for transport. It’s worth weighing up both options.

University halls or private renting?

Most people who first attend university choose to live in university halls. It’s seen as a great way to integrate yourself into university life. It’s quite straightforward to arrange as it’s done through the university. Bills are almost always included in the price and it can help combat homesickness. However, you can choose to privately rent. You might get a cheaper deal if you’re sharing with a few other people and you can choose to live closer to the city centre. Although you might end up being far away from your university campus.


Wherever you live has to fit in with your specified budget. That’s why it’s essential to compare all your options. The last thing you want is to end up in an expensive accommodation that is way over your budget, leaving you with next to nothing to actually live on. You have to remember that you need to buy food, educational materials such as books, and may also have to pay for things such as trips and public transportation. You may have to sacrifice your dream student accommodation to ensure it fits into your budget.


Would you prefer to live in a houseshare with other people? Would you rather live with students in a dorm? Do you want to live alone? Are you happy sharing a bathroom and/or kitchen with someone? Or do you value your privacy? Different types of accommodation come with various numbers of roommates so decide what you’re comfortable with before you settle on a type of accommodation. You can also opt to live with other international students in university halls who might also be feeling a little overwhelmed who can help you settle in.
Studying abroad is a massive undertaking and where you live is just one of many decisions you’ll need to make. For help with all the tough decisions, contact us at IEC Abroad.