The Courses That Make UK Graduates The Most Money

There are many different criteria for students when choosing their university course and indeed their university. Having a passion and interest in the subject is a start but there are more practical reasons for choosing to study a certain object. For example, graduate earnings.
For the majority of graduates, it pays to have a degree. Over the course of a lifetime, women who have degrees are estimated to earn around £250,000 more. For men who have a degree the figure is estimated to be around £170,000.
But there is a big difference in earnings depending on which course subject you choose.
According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the following graduates earn the most.
[image via bbc]
Graduates that earn the most
Five years after finishing their course, graduates of medicine and dentistry earn an average of £46,700, while those who studied economics are close behind with a take home salary of £40,000.
At the bottom end of the spectrum, creative arts and design graduates earn around half, taking home around £20,100. Some of the other lowest paid graduates include agriculture (£22,000) and mass communication (£22,300).
Also, as careers progress the salary gaps get bigger, with graduates of the high-earning subjects pulling even further away.
Is future salary earnings a big factor for you when deciding what course subject to study? Whilst it is an important influence, there are a range of other things to consider too. You should always have an interest in what you’re studying. Career satisfaction and student happiness are also very important.
You shouldn’t be put off a course because of the prospect of lower earnings, especially if you’re incredibly passionate about it. And besides, every graduate is different. There are lots of different paths for graduates to take, no matter what their chosen course subject.
What factors will you be considering when choosing your subject? Here at IEC Abroad, we can help you decide which course is right for you. Get in touch to see how we and help find you the perfect university with the perfect course.