Different ways you can study English in the UK

Studying English in the UK can be extremely beneficial. What better way to learn the English language than in its birth place?
It may seem pretty straightforward to learn English, however there are actually a number of different ways you can do it. We’re going to take you through the different types of English you can learn. Whether you want to learn English for your own personal enjoyment or you’re looking to get into an English-speaking university, here’s how you can study English in the UK.

General and Intensive English Courses

These types of English courses tend to include more learning hours than other English courses, fit into a shorter course. Focused on everyday English, these Academic English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses cover the four main areas of learning language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. If you’re looking for a comprehensive English course, these are the ones you want. They are also great for preparing you for university.

Business English

If you’re looking to have a corporate career, you might find a Business English course useful. These types of courses focus on the language that is most commonly used in a corporate, working environment. Not only that, they teach you negotiation skills, workplace etiquette and technical language.

IELTS / TOEFL Exam Preparation

If you are looking to attend any of the top universities in the UK, an IELTS grade is often an entry requirement. Both IELTS and TOEFL are internationally recognised English language tests and are a great way to improve your English and your study skills.

Cambridge Exam Preparation

Cambridge English courses are popular amongst international students and are recognised by over 13,500 universities, employers and governments worldwide. Courses range from general English through to teaching qualifications and so are suitable for a variety of learners.
If you’re thinking about studying English in the UK, talk to one of our advisers at IEC Abroad to see which type of English course would be most beneficial to you.