The best discounts for International students in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK, especially for International students, can be pretty high. But there are a wealth of discounts for students available to help your money go that little bit further.
NUS Extra Card
It’s wise for every student to get themselves an NUS Extra card. Only students, both International and domestic, can obtain an NUS Extra card. They cost £12 per year but entitle you to a range of discounts both in store and online. Look out for the NUS Extra sign in shops and even if they don’t advertise it, always ask whether they accept student discount! From restaurants and fast food places, to clothing stores and cinemas, the NUS Extra card is one of the most popular and widely used discounts for students in the UK.
BritRail Train Passes
This is exclusively for International students in the UK and those who are visiting from overseas. As an International student this is the most cost-effective and easiest way to travel across Britain whilst you’re here. You can make unlimited train journeys for a fixed price. As well as saving you money on train fares, it also allows you to get free airport transfers depending on the type of pass you buy. You cannot buy this in Britain – it must be purchased before you arrive.
16-25 Railcard
For regular, everyday train travel, it’s worth getting a 16-25 railcard. It gives students ⅓ off train tickets with a one off cost of £30 that lasts the year. You have to be a full-time student to have the card and it will save you money especially if you have to commute to university or have to travel to placements. It’s also great to just have if you fancy a trip somewhere!Amazon Prime StudentThe cost of studying in the UK, especially for an International student, is quite expensive anyway without factoring in the cost of books and other educational equipment. Amazon Prime Student offers those in full time education unlimited one-day delivery and 10% off books. But it also provides unlimited instant streaming of around 15,000 films, and access to an extensive music library. It’s free for the first six months and then £39 per year after that. But you can cancel your your subscription after your free trial if you like! (You will be automatically signed up for the year if you don’t cancel).

Technology Discounts
Depending on the course you’re studying, you may find 65% off Adobe Creative Cloud useful. It gives you access to the whole range of Adobe products, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Lightroom. You can have access to these and all other Adobe programs for just £15.99 a month.A virus on your computer is the last thing you want when you’re mid essay which is why Norton Security gives up to 50% off its antivirus and security software for students.And should you need to replace any of your computer equipment whilst you’re studying, HP have up to 30% off their products such as laptops, printers and accessories, available for students.It can be quite an expenditure to study in the UK for International students, so any discounts, offers or deals are always helpful to know about! Contact us at IEC Abroad for more information and advice on studying abroad.