How enrolling on an English summer course can teach you about the UK

International students who are looking to attend a university in the UK, may not know anything about the UK itself. For a lot of international students, their first time in the country is when they start their course.
Coming to a new country can be pretty daunting and if you’re unfamiliar with the country, it can be even tougher. It can be difficult to get to grips with the different culture and customs of a new country and it can take a while to settle in.
This, coupled with the added pressures of keeping up with your university workload can be very demanding.
However, learning about the country you’re in can do wonders for you. It can stop you feeling homesick, help you get settled and feel more comfortable on your course.

But how can you learn about the UK?

Before you begin your university course in the UK, one of the things you could do is enroll on an English summer school course.
English summer school courses are an excellent way to get your feet wet with English culture and customs before you start your university course. Not only do they help you brush up on your English language skills, you can learn different skills that will help you on your university course and meet a wealth of new people.
However, many English summer schools also incorporate visits to significant landmarks that have cultural importance in the UK, as well as other educational visits that serve to enrich international students and their time in the UK.
If you have an interest in British culture and would like to get acclimated in the UK before you start your university course, an English summer school course is a great idea.
Even if the course you choose doesn’t include guided visits, there’s nothing stopping you grabbing a guide book and taking a tour of the city you’re in.
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