Everything You Need to Know About International Foundation Programmes in the UK

As the British University Fair approaches, we know many international students will be thinking about the possibility of undertaking foundation programmes. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about foundation programmes for international students.

What is a foundation programme?

A foundation programme is a course that a student takes before they start their desired university course in the UK. It is designed to prepare students for the demands of university and higher education by filling in any knowledge gaps a student may have. Both local and international students can benefit from a foundation programme.
International foundation programmes are designed to prepare international students for university life in the UK by offering a comprehensive selection of language and subject-focused modules. Students can expect a variety of lessons focusing on academic and research skills, subject-focused modules and English language study.
Once a foundation programme has been completed, students do not receive an “academic degree” rather a qualification that allows them to follow a higher education degree such as a Bachelor’s programme.

Who can take a foundation programme?

A foundation course can be taken by those who haven’t achieved the required qualifications for direct entry onto a Bachelor’s course or by students who need to improve their English language skills.
Students can undertake generic foundation programmes which are designed to prepare them for a degree in a certain field, for example, business, practical sciences or humanities and art. Foundation programmes can also be more tailored to specific subject courses.

What are the advantages of studying a foundation programme for international students?

Many international students choose to undertake an international foundation programme before they start their degree. And there are a range of advantages to doing this.

Better chance of university admission

Completing a foundation programme makes students more qualified to begin their undergraduate course meaning they are more likely to be admitted to their chosen university.

Improved language skills

Most universities have admission requirements for international students relating to English language skills. International foundation programmes help international students improve their language skills, ensuring they meet university requirements and have a higher chance of being accepted.

Eased into university life

Attending university is a little daunting for any student, but it can be especially so for international students who are learning in another language, and in a different country. Undertaking a foundation programme gives international students the chance to ease into university life before their course starts properly.
If you’re an international student looking to study in the UK, you may be able to benefit from a foundation programme. Contact us at IEC Abroad to learn more or visit the British University Fair to speak to a specific university.