How To Choose a UK University

Deciding where to go to university is a big task. Whether you are native to the UK or not, choosing your university is a huge decision to make. But leaving home to attend a university abroad can make it even more stressful.
However, the UK is filled with many brilliant universities so as an international student studying in the UK, you’re going to have a lot of options at your fingertips. Obviously that’s part of the issue – so much choice!
So how do you decide how to choose a UK university?
There are lots of factors to consider and we’re going to take you through some of them here.

University rankings

If you’re interested in going to a UK university that ranks well you can compare different universities on either Times Higher Education World University Rankings, or QS World University Rankings®. Each site has an interactive table where you can look at how highly each university is ranked year by year within the UK.
You can also filter the rankings by subject, student satisfaction, percentage of international students, facilities etc. – depending on what your focus is on.

Funding opportunities

There’s no avoiding the fact that studying in the UK as an international student is expensive. However, there are a range of funding and scholarship opportunities available to international students. It’s worth researching which universities provide funding and scholarships and seeing whether you fit the criteria.


Looking at location is a good way of narrowing down your university options. Do you want to study and live in a crowded, vibrant city or a quiet, small town? Do you want to live somewhere extremely affordable or is money not an issue? Do you want to live on campus or in private accommodation? By answering these questions you will make your choice of universities smaller, making your final decision that much easier.

Visit a university fair

A university fair is a really great way of speaking to a wide range of universities, all under one roof. You can compare different universities and courses, in a really convenient way. Getting all the information you need to make an informed decision is really easy at a university fair and it saves you travelling to different universities individually. The British University Fair in Manchester is only a couple of weeks away and is exclusively for international students. You can book your free tickets here or simply register at the event on the day.