How To Choose a University Course to Study in The UK

Many international students come over to the UK to study a course at a top University every year. There are hundreds of courses available, and there’s no better way to study the English language than to come to the country that invented it.
But how do you choose the university course in the UK that’s right for you? What thing do you need to consider first?

Think About The Subject And Your Career

First things first, before deciding what degree course you wish to study in the UK, you’ll need to have a clear idea of the subjects that interest you and ideally what career you’re aiming to study for.
Perhaps you’re unsure if these things, if so it’s best to take some time to think about the subjects and careers that really interest you before looking into the courses you can study.

When Choosing Your Subject

You should always makes sure that you’re selecting a subject that you’ll enjoy studying, as well as one that will help you to reach your academic or career goals. Put plenty of time into researching different job sites and graduate career options, to give yourself ideas for what you’d like to do after you’ve completed your studies.
Taking into account your career goals and what qualifications they require will certainly help you to focus on finding the course that will help you meet certain job specifications. Search for courses by subject and remember that although many UK university courses tend to specialise in a chosen subject, a lot offer more flexibility in what you study.
Always read through the course descriptions carefully, and check out university websites to gather as much information as you can.
Things to Consider When Choosing a Course For Your Career

  • How many students who have completed the course have gone on to work in the relevant industry?
  • Are the courses you’re looking at accredited by the relevant professional body?
  • Does the course offer opportunities for sponsorship or work placements with employers?
  • Do the course modules directly relate to your chosen career?

If you’re struggling to find all of this information on the website for the university, then you could always try contacting the relevant course admissions tutor directly. Alternatively, you could use the opportunity of an open day or interview to ask your questions.

Things to Consider When Choosing Any Course to Study in The UK

If you’re an international student simply looking to choose a university course to study in the UK that you enjoy, without thinking about the career that comes afterwards, then it’s always a good idea to find out some extra information.

  • What are the course modules? And do they all interest you? Which of them are optional?
  • How many lectures, tutorials and seminars etc will you need to attend each week?  
  • What are the costs involved with the course? For example, how much are the tuition fees? What will the living expenses be like where the university is located?
  • What will you be assessed on? Coursework? Exams? Or both?  
  • How will your final grade be calculated?
  • If you’re planning to work a part-time job, consider how many hours of personal study you are expected to do.

As well as taking all these factors into consideration, you can also check the student satisfaction ratings for each course that you’re interested in. Along with any relevant department’s ratings, in terms of research and the quality of the teaching.

Think About Where You Want to Study in The UK

Of course it’s essential that you find out as much information as you can about the actual university that teaches your chosen course as well.
Check how highly the university is ranked and what types of facilities it has to offer. Find out how much it’s going to cost you to live where the university is located and if it will provide you with any student accommodation.
Most UK universities will have clubs and societies, check these out before making a decision, as they will allow you to develop your English-language skills and meet new friends outside of your studies.
Are you an international student looking for a university course to study in the UK?
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