The Importance of Non Academic Achievements For Students

Non Academic Achievements

More and more education experts are highlighting the importance of students learning non academic achievements and skills.

These types of skills enhance students socially, in work and in life. Non-academic achievements are the types of things that a typical classroom doesn’t formally teach, And there are no specific lessons you can take to learn them. However, whilst there is no set syllabus for these skills, they can be developed and worked upon through experience. Here are some of the most important non academic achievements for students.

Determination & Persistence

At various points in life, you’re going to experience setbacks. Whether it’s trying to master a musical instrument, getting a bad grade on an assignment or not getting a job you apply for, it happens to everyone. The important thing to learn is to not give up. Determination and persistence will ensure that eventually, you’ll get the positive outcome you seek.

Social Skills

Being a success in life, both at university and your chosen career require you to be competent in a range of social skills. Interacting with various types of people is something that you’re going to have to be able to do throughout your entire life. It is easy to develop your social skills by surrounding yourself with different kinds of people as much as possible. You can do this by enrolling in summer school programs, joining university clubs or societies and volunteering.

Character Development

Character development is something that is really never finished. Your character continues to develop throughout your entire life. However, you can encourage and strengthen your character development by exposing yourself to different experiences. Try new hobbies, try things that scare you and meet as many different kinds of people as you can.

21st Century Skills

Being incredibly smart is great, but if you don’t know 21st Century skills, you’re not going to succeed in life. It’s not enough to get straight A’s and do well at university. It’s important to have non-academic achievements. You have to know your way around modern technology such as computers and email. Other 21st Century skills include things like, knowing how to interview well, critical thinking, debating and communication skills. Whilst you can learn and develop some of these skills at university, it’s helpful to enrol in extra courses that can develop these skills further; such as a summer school. Whether it’s an academic course, a language course or something recreational, summer schools can give you a range of skills you never knew existed within you!
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