International Students: Applying For Scholarships in The UK

With its abundance of world class universities, its diverse mix of people and cultures, its range of superb cities to explore and fantastic food to eat; it’s no wonder thousands of international students choose to study abroad in the UK every year.
One of the things many students can struggle with when studying abroad though is the cost, as tuition fees can sometimes be quite high. However, if the potential costs are causing you concern, there are are a number of scholarships available in the UK. They can vary, with some depending on which country you’re coming from and others being more general.

What scholarships are available to me?

Before you look into how to apply for a scholarship, you need to find out which ones are actually available to you. Firstly, try inquiring at your chosen university, because many institutions actually offer their own generous funding opportunities to encourage more international students to enrol on a course with them.
Each university will inform you of their eligibility criteria for the scholarships, which will normally include your educational achievements, information on your financial status, and your country of origin. Scholarships often aren’t just limited to undergraduate study; there are also a variety of funding options available for postgraduate, PHD courses, and foundation degrees.
Alternatively, there are numerous international and voluntary organisations that offer international students help with the cost of studying in the UK. Schemes such as Euraxess UK, which is run by the British Council. Other scholarship schemes are available through UNESCO and the World Health Organisation.

How do I apply?

If you’re ready to begin applying for scholarships then it’s important to get yourself organised. Always read the criteria that you need to achieve to qualify for the scholarship before applying, for example any qualifications that you must earn.
Each scholarship will have its own specific requirements, but many will also have similar criteria; so you may find that some of the qualifications and academic work you have already achieved can be applied to multiple scholarship applications.
For example, certain applications require you attend a formal interview, or write an essay, as this will help judges to narrow down the list of applicants. When it comes to essay writing, make sure that you carefully follow any directions you are given. Start any work as early as you can in order to give yourself enough time to get constructive feedback.   
Some scholarship applications may take longer than others, but once you’ve gone through an application or two, you’ll find that the process will get easier for you. Just remember to read through the application carefully; give yourself plenty of time to complete it, and don’t miss the deadline for the application.
At IEC Abroad, we can provide you with all the expert advice you need when it comes to scholarships; from finding out what schemes are available to you, to the application process. For more information on applying for scholarships in the UK, contact us today on 0161 233 4295.