Introducing Leicester Castle Business School

Beyond business as usual in the city of champions\r\n\r\nCan you remember your first weeks at university? They were probably as daunting as they were exciting, with so much to take in! I’ve been feeling a lot like that lately.\r\n\r\nThis year I joined the team at Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS), helping to establish a world-leading business school, as part of the Faculty of Business and Law at an already exciting global university. We aim to be the definition of a 21st century business school, transforming the lives of students and our international community through innovative teaching and research.\r\n\r\nThis September, for our first talented group, we are offering a Principal’s Scholarship of £4,000 to all incoming students. Spread the word about this and our exciting new post-graduate degrees in the Creative Industries and Sports sector, Global Banking, Finance, Investment and Risk arenas.\r\n\r\nStudents will learn the essentials of communication, negotiation and influence, and how to work in diverse teams and organisations. All students will have the opportunity to study a language such as Mandarin, German, Spanish, French, German or Arabic.  There will be opportunities for in-company experiences, globally and locally; internships in social enterprises and entrepreneurship projects with faculty and business mentors. Participants will also have one-to-one leadership and careers coaching.\r\n\r\nFollowing this year’s fantastic Premier League win by Leicester City Football Club (LCFC), the ‘city of champions’ is set to become a focal point for research and teaching on the sporting industry. DMU, an official partner for LCFC, is home to the acclaimed International Centre for Sports History and Culture, established in 1996. LCBS combines this knowledge with world-class DMU business research, a strong focus on cultural industries and a track record teaching sports law, in its new MSc in Business and Management of Sport. Students will learn about sporting industries through considering the history, impact and ethics which shape sports organisations around the world today, and take advantage of our great partnerships with football, rugby and cricket clubs, among other sports.\r\n\r\nWe also follow this multidisciplinary approach in our MSc in Business Management and the Creative Industries, making the most of DMU’s excellent reputation in art, design and business, and giving students the chance to benefit from our connections with local, national and international organisations.\r\n\r\nIf you are interested in any of the courses mentioned above, why not send me your CV/resume along with which MSc degree is of interest? Remember to include the result (or expected result) of your first degree. You can email me, Duncan Macintyre, at