Looking to study abroad? Australia wants you!

There are many nations who welcome international students to come and study in their country, but rarely do any have such ambitious targets as Australia. The Australian trade commission, Austrade, reported that just under half a million students studied in the country in 2015, and within the next ten years they have challenged themselves to double this amount.

1 Million International Students in Australia by 2025

The Australian International Education 2025 document produced to outline these proposals also states a goal of adding 10 million offshore students in addition to the 1 million experiencing student life in Australia directly. International education is now Australia’s fourth biggest export, and with international students worth an estimated $19 billion to the economy the benefits of an increased international student body are clear to all. As well as attracting an exceptionally high number of students there is also a huge appetite among universities in Australia for greater diversification of their international student populations.
China and India currently supply Australia with most of its international students, and whilst Austrade hopes that students from these nations will continue to be attracted to the country, they have a firm desire to see even more students from a wider range of nations across the globe. Obviously, such a dramatic increase in the international student population will not be without its problems, and several factors including accommodation, integration, and public support will have to be considered as the numbers increase.

Why study in Australia?

But it seems that there is a huge amount of desire from Australian universities to achieve this dramatic increase in non-Australians coming to study, and Austrade hopes that with its encouragement many of the country’s educational institutions will use their own initiative to develop their own specific plans to attract more international students. The Australian public also seems to recognise the benefits of attracting so many international students to the country, and Australian observers have cited the UK’s introduction of post-work visa restrictions for international students as a major misstep in growing their economy. As such, working and studying in Australia is a real possibility for many international students. With political parties in many nations considering it electorally advantageous to reduce the amount of foreign nationals residing in their country, Australia and its political parties conversely seem far more welcoming and open to the idea of international students integrating into their society.
With heavy investment in the development of student accommodation coming from universities, local government and private companies, this receptive nature also has a solid foundation in bricks and mortar. This dramatic increase in the demand for international students is expected to mean a huge increase in the amount of applications for study visas in 2016. It is therefore recommended by the Australian Government that international students who wish to study in the country make their formal applications to both universities and immigration services as soon as possible. Looking to study in Australia? Contact one of our offices today for more information.