What Makes Manchester Such a Great Student City?

Manchester is one of the most popular student cities in the world – for both international students and those in the UK. But what makes Manchester such a great student city?
Student population
More than 80,000 students every year choose Manchester for their studies. With a large proportion of international students making up that number, you’ll be in good company choosing to study in Manchester. It’s comforting to know that a city has a large student population as it must mean they have good universities and something great to offer!
Cost of living
Compared to the rest of the UK, Manchester has a relatively low cost of living which means your student loan will go that much further. Things like rent, food and transport are all affordable and are much cheaper than in the capital – London.
Choice of universities
Most cities have one university to choose from but Manchester has three! Depending on your course choice and subject, you can choose between Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Manchester and the University of Salford. Each institution offers something different so there’s something for every student in Manchester!
Entertainment and Culture
Manchester really does have it all. From music and theatre, to cinema, sports and museums you’re never short of something to keep you entertained in the city. Whether you like highbrow sophistication or some low brow fun, Manchester will deliver. There’s always a music event to go to, an art show opening or an argument about whether Manchester City or Manchester United are the better football team to get involved with…
Great employment opportunities
Students who graduate in Manchester go on to do great things. And Manchester University is among the top five targets for leading graduate employers. There’s no point spending a minimum of three years at university if you’re not going to be employed afterwards. The latest data from The University of Manchester shows that 94% of its UK, full-time, first degree graduates were working or studying after six months, and that 82% were in graduate-level jobs and/or study.
It’s ranked highly
The QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017 place Manchester as the third best student city in the UK, and joint 23rd worldwide – tying with Barcelona. It also has three universities that feature in the QS Rankings; most notably the University of Manchester which is ranked 29th worldwide.
It’s a common stereotype that people in the north of England are friendlier than the those in the south. And when it comes to Manchester, that’s definitely true. It’s such a friendly city that is welcoming to all types of people. As an international student studying in Manchester you’ll feel right at home.
If you’re in Manchester this month it’s a great idea to visit the British University Fair April 2017 to help you decide which university or which course you’d like to enrol in.