Spotlight on UK universities: Liverpool and Merseyside

Last month we put the spotlight on our local Manchester universities to give our students a better insight into higher education in our home city. This month we’re going slightly West and focusing on our Liverpool cousins!\r\n\r\nLiverpool is a large port city with a vibrant cultural scene and a football focus to rival that of Manchester. While we have Manchester United and Manchester City, Liverpool has Liverpool FC and Everton. No one could ever say that football isn’t a big deal in the North West!\r\n\r\nJust like Manchester, Liverpool is a great city for socialising and exploring. With numerous eateries, cinemas, theatres, shops and museums, it certainly isn’t considered a ‘quiet city’. We always recommend visiting a university before you apply as this can give you the best insight into the quality of teaching and an idea of whether the university is a good fit for you.\r\n\r\nSo along with the facts and figures, we’ve included the next open days so you can visit each university for yourself. From Manchester Piccadilly, it is possible to travel to Liverpool in just over an hour.\r\n\r\nAs with all universities we discuss, please just ask one of our friendly consultants if you have any more questions.\r\n

The University of Liverpool

\r\nThe University of Liverpool is regarded as a highly prestigious institution and is one of 24 UK universities with Russell Group status. Russell Group universities are recognised for outstanding teaching and learning, maintaining the very best research and having strong links with the public and business sector. Russell Group Universities are well established and the University of Liverpool is no exception, receiving its Royal Charter in 1903.\r\n\r\nThe university has a strong international focus and has a China campus as well as research centres all over the world. Although 6,700 international students are actually studying at the university, there’s a further 8,000 international students studying online too.\r\n\r\nNumber of students: 23,000\r\nWorld ranking 2014/15 – 143\r\nUK ranking (2016) – 39\r\nEntry standards: High\r\nNext open day: Friday 19th June 2015\r\n\r\n

Liverpool John Moores University

\r\nFormerly called Liverpool Polytechnic, Liverpool John Moores became known as a university in 1992. Before this, the institution was known as the Liverpool Mechanics Institution and was founded in 1825. Therefore, although it is considered a new university, it is rooted in history.\r\n\r\nNamed after Sir John Moores, an equal opportunities visionary and founder of the Littlewoods empire, Liverpool John Moores University (or LJMU for short) has a long history of working to make higher education accessible to all. As a result, a range of academic qualifications are taken into consideration – it isn’t just about the highest grades.\r\n\r\nNumber of students: 25,000\r\nWorld ranking: Top 400\r\nUK ranking 2016: 68\r\nEntry standards: Lower than Liverpool University, but still competitive.\r\nNext open day: Friday 19th June\r\n\r\n

Liverpool Hope University

\r\nMost of Liverpool Hope University is located a little outside of the city, although it does have a creative campus within the centre too. Historically it has been guided by Christian principles, however it is very welcoming of all faiths.\r\n\r\nIt is a small university with less than 1,000 postgraduate students, however they allow international students to complete short placements, so it could be suitable for you if you’re looking for a North West university to study at on a temporary basis.\r\n\r\nNumber of students: Over 5,000\r\nWorld ranking: Unknown (below top 200)\r\nUK ranking 2016: 97\r\nEntry standards: Less than The University of Liverpool at between 260-300 UCAS points (BCC-BBB at A Level)\r\nNext open day: Held weekly\r\n\r\n

Edge Hill University

\r\nEdge Hill University is based in Ormskirk, which is close to the coastal town of Southport. As a result, it is very much a ‘campus university’ as opposed to a city university. Edge Hill University prides itself on making its student ‘employable’, which basically means equipping them with the skills that they need to be commercially valuable in the workplace.\r\n\r\nCourses at Edge Hill University are quite vocational and offer work-based training. As a result, Edge Hill may be worth exploring if you would like to get practical, hands-on training while you study. The university started life as a small women’s teacher-training college in 1885 and it still has a strong focus on teaching courses today.\r\n\r\nNumber of students: Over 18,000\r\nWorld ranking: Unknown (below top 200)\r\nUK ranking 2016: 82\r\nEntry standards: Lower than The University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.\r\nNext open day: Saturday 20th June 2015\r\n\r\n\r\nIf you would like any more information about studying in the UK, please just speak to our international education consultants. They’ll be more than happy to help and you might even find that one of your favourite universities happens to be a partner university of ours!