Student’s Guide To Studying Abroad: London

Every year a large number of students from all over the world choose to study in the UK. With world renowned universities with brilliant reputations and prospects for graduating students, the UK is an excellent place to further your education. London in particular attracts a large student population, particularly from overseas. With a large multicultural population it’s easy to see why.
Why study in London?
London is a vibrant, multicultural and expansive city that has a large student population. International students choose London due to the diverse mix of cultures, languages and people that can be found in the city. As well as the excellent education facilities. The capital city of England, London is a bustling hub and is home to world renowned universities. In London you will find the perfect university for your chosen field of study, whether it’s law, business, medicine or something else. London is a wonderful city with amazing food, people, theatre, art and transportation. The great thing about London is that it’s much more than just the city. There are many different, more residential suburbs of London that are all self contained. So you get a great mix of urban city and quieter suburbs.
Where to study in London
Currently, there are four London institutes that are placed within the top 10 QS World University Rankings:
• University of Cambridge
• University of Oxford
• UCL (University College London)
• Imperial College London
And there are many more universities in London that rank within the top 150 worldwide.
It’s worth looking at which universities would be more suited to your chosen subject as some institutions are regarded as experts in their field. For example, it may be more beneficial to your education to choose a university that has a highly regarded medicine course and has close links with hospitals if you wish to become a doctor. These would include: St. George’s, University of London, Queen Mary University of London, King’s College London, King’s College London and Imperial College London.
If you’re unsure where the best place to study for your subject field, your international study abroad specialists should be able to give you all the help you need.
There are factors to consider when choosing your university in London too. Student satisfaction is an important indicator as this tells you whether current students are happy there. Student satisfaction covers a range of areas such as campus facilities, course content, professors and value for money. Currently, some of the London institutions with the highest student satisfaction are:
• City, University of London
• West London
• Birkbeck, University of London
• SOAS University of London
• Brunel University London
Is it affordable?
London is currently ranked as the 5th most expensive city in the world to be an international student. International students in London paid out an average of £3,674 per month. In general, London is the most expensive city to live in within the UK anyway. However, there are many funding aids that could be available to help you pay so it’s worth checking all your options. Also, the standard of education you receive in London is widely deemed to be worth the extra expenditure. If London is too expensive, there are a range of others well-respected and reputable universities in other parts of the UK that are more affordable. It’s worth looking at your chosen field of study and seeing if there are any universities that specialise in this subject.
If you want some help choosing where to study in the UK contact us at IEC Abroad.