Why Studying Abroad is Character Building

Thinking about studying abroad? Travelling to another country to study is something thousands of students do every year. Not only does it allow you to get the best education but it allows you to grow as a person.
Whether your course lasts for the summer, or you’re enrolling full-time in an international university, here are just a few ways that studying abroad is character building:
It broadens your horizons
Only living in one country, no matter how great it is, means you have a distorted view of the world. To truly experience other cultures, languages and customs, you need to travel to other countries. Experiencing different ways of thinking can broaden your horizons and open you up to different opinions and viewpoints. People who travel become more tolerant, have more interesting worldviews and can appreciate different opinions. Something that wouldn’t be as accessible if you stayed in your home country.
You can develop better language skills
Studying in a country where they speak another language, such as English, forces you to develop your language skills. Many courses around the world are now taught in English as it’s an accessible “common” language. You can improve your language skills either by enrolling on a language course, or simply by living in a place where a different language is spoken. This can be of great benefit to students for both work and pleasure.
It allows you to be independent
Moving to a new country to study can be very daunting. But once you’ve settled in, you’ll find that it gives you a sense of independence that you never knew you had. Any student moving away from home has to become self-sufficient but for students who move to another country, it’s on a whole other level. Those who can make it on their own develop a strong character and a real sense of who they are as a person.
You can make friends from around the globe
Having an international circle of friends introduces you to new cultures and practices, but it can also enhance your learning experience. Increased diversity means an increase of opinions and viewpoints which you may never have previously considered. Getting your hands on more information can help shape your character and can help you form opinions on a whole range of subject matters.
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