Tips to Prepare for University Life in London or Anywhere in The UK

If you’re an international student about to start on a university course in London, or anywhere in the UK, you’re probably feeling a combination of excitement and apprehension right now. There’s no need to panic though. University life in London, which has been ranked as the best student city in the world, will be one of the best experiences of your life.
Plus, the fact that you’re studying abroad in the UK will mean your experiences will be more life-changing and so much richer, as you take in the new culture and make new friends. But before you start, here are some tips to get yourself prepared for university life in London, or wherever you’re going to be studying in the UK…

Join in on university orientation programmes

Every university in the UK will offer student orientation programmes, which can be very useful for finding your feet and getting yourself settled in a new country. They’re a great opportunity to meet your fellow students and to start making new friends. Speaking of meeting students, don’t forget to get stuck into “freshers’ week.” This is held at the start of the year for new students, and gives you the chance to get involved with different student societies and clubs. Before you know it, you’ll be forging new friendships for life.

Learn how to cook more

Perhaps you’re already a good cook, in which case great! You’ll need to be able to rustle up some meals as a student, especially as you’ll likely be on a tight student budget. Constantly eating out and grabbing takeaways won’t be great for your finances or your health. Plus, you’ll no doubt start to miss the foods that you would normally eat and enjoy back home. So start cooking yourself, you could ask a friend to show you a recipe, or follow a helpful tutorial online. Don’t panic if you’re not a natural cook, as all it will take is a little practice with the right ingredients.

Get organised

It’s extremely important to make sure you’re organised before starting student life abroad in the UK. Getting everything organised, including your accommodation, finances, and your visa etc, will take time but it’s best to get all these things sorted as quickly as possible. With these things out of the way it’ll be much less stressful for you to get settled. Also, don’t forget about the equipment you’ll need for your studies, along with any kitchen items and utensils if you’re going to be living in catered or self-catered accommodation.

Set up a student budget

It’s hard not to be stressed about money as a student, but by setting up a clear budget, you’ll make things a lot easier for yourself. Work out exactly how much your food, rent and other bills are going to cost you per month, and then you’ll be able to see how much you have left for your leisure activities. It’s important to socialise, but try not to spend too much money socialising in your first week or so, as there will be plenty of ways to enjoy yourself without going over-budget.

Use social media to connect with course-mates

Social media can be really useful for making early connection with your fellow students. Try and search for a Facebook group of people who are about to start the same course as you. Use the search functions on Twitter to check if anyone else is mentioning starting the same course at the same university. You can start connecting with like minded people before you even begin your course, plus you can even join up with student societies to get your networking off to a flying start.

Start your student reading early

Most university courses in London or anywhere in the UK will have reading lists for students, especially if it’s a text based course like English or law. Universities will generally email you the list of texts that you’ll be required to read, but if not you can always request this in advance. You’ll likely have a lot of reading and research to do, so why not get ahead? If possible, you could start getting through that reading list before you begin the course. Getting ahead with your reading can help ease the stress of managing your workload.
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