Top 10 Business Schools in the UK

Over 140 institutions across the UK offer business degree programmes, so when you’re trying to decide which one is right for you, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed.

Luckily, The Financial Times (FT) releases a list of the top 10 business schools in the country every year.

We’ve used those FT rankings to create this post so we can help you narrow down your options.

Prestige, ranking and salary potential are important factors to consider when choosing your dream business school, but other things you should think about are the courses on offer, the experience of the faculty, the level of career advice you’ll receive and of course the location.

But for now, let’s keep things simple. Here’s our list of the UK’s top 10 business schools.

1. London Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £130,782

The London Business School has been providing quality business education for over 50 years.

It consistently comes top in world rankings and last year was named Europe’s top business school by the Financial Times for the fifth year in a row.

In 2019, the Financial Times also recognised it as being the best business school in the UK.

With a Dubai campus in Dubai’s International Financial Centre, the school has strong international ties.

If you’re looking for a business school that will give you a solid education and help you build useful global connections, this is the place for you.

2. University of Cambridge: Judge Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £126,300

The University of Cambridge is renowned for its world-class education, and its business school is no different.

Known for being one of the top business universities in the UK, Cambridge offers master’s programmes in finance, management, social innovation and more.

Cambridge Judge Business School describes itself as combining the “latest thinking from academia and professional practice” and applying that to “specific business situations”. This is where theory meets practice.

There’s also a real sense of advancing the community through conducting excellent research and building sustainable businesses.

3. University of Oxford: Said Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £113,365

The Said Business School at Oxford University is equally focused on using research to transform the face of business and business education in the UK.

It develops “purposeful leaders” who are equipped to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as technological challenges and natural resource scarcity.

The school prides itself on developing alumni who are the world’s most desirable employees and who become leaders of the world’s most prominent organisations.

4. University of Manchester: Alliance Manchester Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £97,557

Unlike many others, the Alliance Manchester Business School is open to both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Its courses include bachelor’s degrees in international business, finance and economics, management, and accounting, as well as master’s degrees in entrepreneurship and marketing, and operations and business analytics.

The business school has a brand new £85 million building, making it one of the largest business schools in the country.

Located in the heart of Manchester’s student area, you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable and successful educational experience.

5. Warwick Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £85,889

In 2018, Warwick Business School came 3rd in the Financial Times’ UK ranking of Master’s in Management courses, making Warwick one of the best universities for business management in the UK.

The school says it welcomes change makers who are passionate about making a positive difference not just in business, but also the world.

It views differences in personality and culture as something positive that inspires new ideas and opinions, and its student intake seems to reflect this appreciation for inclusivity and diversity.

Warwick Business School offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in areas like accounting and finance, management, and marketing and strategy.

6. City University: Cass Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £95,003

Cass Business School is one of the top business schools in London, as well as one of the leading business schools in Europe.

Its location in the country’s capital means the university has close connections to world-class companies and firms that students and alumni can benefit from.

Its faculty is made up of successful business people with hands-on industry experience who can help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The school describes its courses as relevant and innovative, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate options, an online master’s in global finance, and a summer school programme.

7. Imperial College Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £92,167

Imperial College Business School says it nurtures the kind of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking that leads to ground-breaking ideas and business opportunities.

It has a strong reputation for conducting world-class research that is used by policy-makers, governments and business leaders around the world.

With the school being in London, students get the chance to make a strong network of contacts. And after graduation, the Alumni Relations Team works with you to ensure you make the most of that network.

8. Cranfield University: Cranfield School of Management

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £94,704

In 2017, Cranfield School of Management was ranked 3rd in the UK and 10th in the world in Forbes’ ranking of the best (one-year) international MBAs.

It offers a mixture of theoretical and practical classes – including courses like management and strategic marketing – and boasts over 60,000 alumni.

It also has what it describes as a “world-class programme of inclusive and lifelong services” for alumni.

Once you’ve graduated, you receive lifelong access to the school’s online library, webinars, social media networking groups and career development support.

Located in the English countryside with cities and towns just a short distance away, Cranfield University is the perfect place to study if you like to study in peace.

9. Durham University Business School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £81,248

Durham University Business School offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses like accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing.

It prides itself on connecting students and alumni with leading companies around the world, and connecting bright and innovative thinkers with world-class organisations.

Some of the organisations the school works with include Microsoft, Lloyds Banking Group, Unilever and Accenture.

With the help of these connections, Durham University Business School is able to offer outstanding career development opportunities to its students and alumni.

10. Lancaster University Management School

Average salary 3 years after graduation: £81,092

Lancaster University is one of the UK’s most prestigious universities, so it’s no wonder that its business school is also highly regarded.

The school has been praised for offering a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as for its world-class facilities and diverse student community.

It welcomes students and staff from over 150 countries, including individuals from its overseas campuses in Ghana and Malaysia.

As well as consistently coming in the top 10 in UK university rankings, Lancaster has also been named Best Campus University and Best University in the North West.

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