What kind of learner are you?

Different people learn in different ways. Figuring out how you learn best can help you succeed and really get the most out of your education. If you’ve ever struggled with your learning, it may be that you haven’t been given the opportunity to learn in your preferred way.
The VARK model is a popular and well-respected way of identifying the types of learners and outlines four: visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic.


Visual learners learn best through images and visuals over anything else. They have to see the information laid out to fully process it and retain it. Things like presentations, charts and graphs are excellent tools for visual learners. These types of learners are able to visualise relationships between ideas and information that they see.


Auditory learners learn best when they’re listening or hearing information rather than seeing or reading it. They benefit from discussing ideas, answering questions and repeating information out loud.


Reading/Writing learners learn best when they are interacting with the written word. Reading and annotating handouts is beneficial to them rather than just hearing information or being shown images. Things like quizzes can also help these types of learners to process and retain information.


Kinesthetic learners learn best by doing. They prefer hands-on experience and things like role-playing to help them fully understand and learn a topic. Sitting down and being lectured to, or reading information does not work very well for these types of learners – they need to be involved in exercises and movement in order to learn best.
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