Myddelton College

At Myddelton we believe that each and every individual holds within them a talent that shapes their passion and persona, and it is our intention to find, shape and develop theirs. This could be academic, but we equally appreciate that talents in the creative arts, sport and music are just as important. At Myddelton College we have an international perspective, with day students and boarders fully integrated into the college community, and with an experienced and dedicated team helping to build self-respect, confidence, and a caring attitude towards others. We equip then with the skills to flourish, lead and succeed wherever life takes them. Myddelton College is also a global leader in the successful integration of technology with teaching and learning. We were selected as a Microsoft Showcase School, for excellence in transforming the learning environment to deliver more personalised education to our students, and five of the teachers are also Microsoft Innovate Educator Experts. Our Learning Through the Outdoors Programme makes the most of the idyllic area of outstanding natural beauty surrounding the school. We understand and value academics greatly though this programme gives our students the edge to become fully prepared for their future, developing skills in resilience, teamwork, strategic thinking, and leadership through a range of outdoor activities and adventure days. Our researcher in residence, Richard Crowther, is completing a PhD from Cambridge and has a masters from Oxford. He bridges the gap between academic research and classroom practice and is strengthening the College’s connections with Oxbridge and Russel Group Universities.