7 Ways to Smoothen Down Your Covid-19 Jitters

Global citizens today are gripped in the corona virus anxiety and it is triggering our stress levels in ways we don’t even realize. Psychologist and therapist Ankita Gandhi best describes anxiety as “a persistent condition, and a feeling of anticipatory worry characterized by constant apprehension, a feeling of not being in control and is largely related to the future.”

A large portion of our population around the world is waking with nightmares as they fail to cope up with the idea of an uncertain future. Social distancing is believed to be the most effective way we can keep the pandemic at bay, but the disconnection can be detrimental for people who already deal with anxiety attacks. The truth is that apparently well-adjusted people too are finding it hard to remain optimistic.  Here are a couple of tricks that can make your home-bound routine less stressful:

  • Physical activity and meditation

  Some kind of physical activity or meditating even for a couple minutes a day can work wonders when it comes to rejuvenating your body and mind. 

Though you can go for  pre-recorded sessions available online, a live virtual class is always better.  Knowing that there are several other people participating will make you feel less isolated.  

  • Opening the windows 

Yes, a mere task of opening the windows early in the morning y can bring in a breath of fresh air  into your home, your day and your mind. 

  • Podcast

Have you ever noticed that if we listen to things rather than watching or reading, then the mind takes it well? Millennials today have shifted their interest to audio books and while reading a paperback is enjoyable, many of us are not in the habit of reading. An audio book then, is a great way to unravel our minds from the stress of the day. . 

  • Indulge in a hobby 

Gift of time is something we as humans have always craved for. In these difficult times, that is one commodity we have a lot of. Let’s make the best use of it. How about learning guitar from online tutorials? Or trying your hand at terrace gardening from the residues gleaned from the kitchen. There are lots of tips online and you can soon find out that you have a green thumb. For those who are alone at home can even try and learn some groovy dance moves and save themselves some embarrassment the next time they party. 

  • A gratitude journal 

Being positive does not come naturally to all of us. It needs resolution especially when you are overwhelmed and upset with all the negative news we are constantly flooded with. Let’s start with small steps, begin a journal of all the events, restaurants, or anything else on your to-do list.  Add at least one positive thing from your day. A gratitude journal is yours to style as you would like to. It will be a reminder to you when you look back at this time. 

  • Organize virtual events 

Today, we live in the world of virtual reality and we have many options of keeping ourselves engaged. An idle mind is usually fertile ground for depressive thoughts. connected in normal times, most of us spend a generous amount of time on our devices. Download games get into a group huddle. There are many apps like House party and others. 

  • Acknowledge your anxiety

Many digital players have come up with mini sites which are completely dedicated to helping students manage COVID 19 related anxiety issues and make them understand the vulnerability related to social distancing.  There are many counselling helplines available and seeking help is the best way of taking care of yourself.

  • Limit time on news channels

Too much information is sometimes utterly harmful. You should be able to disconnect from news, and texts bombarding information of how the virus is hampering health and social well-being of people across the globe. It is very important to put your phone on do not disturb mode once in a while to keep your sanity intact. 

It helps you enjoy whatever you are engaged with – cooking, working out, meditating with your favourite music.

Towards the end, we want to reassure you that you are not alone in feeling anxious about coronavirus.  We hope these small tweaks will get you through some of the tough times of isolation. Quoting one subject matter expert, online therapist Allison Hart to HuffingtonPost 

 “Be extra gentle with yourself. After all, this is actually a scary time. When the world is being hard on us for good reason, it can be even easier to be hard on ourselves.”