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Student safety in Manchester

There’s no doubt about it, Manchester is an exciting place to be a student. We have three renowned universities, a buzzing social scene and plenty to appeal to culture...

Studying abroad can save you money – as long as you know where to look!

It’s wonderful to go on holiday and be pleasantly surprised that the costs are generally so much lower than those in your home country. From cheaper meals and attractions to lower transport and accommodation costs, who hasn’t thought ‘this is the life’ while enjoying a more budget-friendly city? (more…)

Where can I find information about universities in the UK?

If you’re already studying an English language course in the UK, then you’re lucky enough to have most British universities just a train ride away.\r\n\r\nOur little island makes university open-day trips easy (and relatively cheap) when you travel off-peak and us Mancunians are generally quite proud of the fact that it only takes around 2 hours to get down to London! (more…)

How has first term been for you?

As the Christmas holidays approach, it’s time for new students to take stock of a hectic first term and look ahead to 2015.\r\n\r\nFor many of us, that’s a chance to take a breather from a whirlwind of assignments, socialising and generally finding your way around a new city. (more…)

Struggling with university work? Help is available

Failing an exam is always a crushing disappointment. Getting a meagre 35% when you’re used to a flush of top marks is disheartening to say the least. Just what went...

When I was a fresher…

Right now, thousands of fresh faced young people are experiencing those first exciting few weeks of university life. For those of us who’ve graduated, it’s fair to say that most of us probably feel more than a hint of jealousy towards these ‘freshers’!\r\n\r\nBut with many people moving to a different city (or even a different country) to study, even if you’ve done your homework, it can be hard to know what to expect. (more…)

Things every new student should try in Manchester

You probably know that in Manchester we’re generally famous for football (Manchester United), music (Oasis) and Coronation Street. You may not know that we’re also...

What is UCAS and how does it affect me?

Almost everyone finds applying to university challenging in some way. From writing the perfect statement of purpose (or personal statement) to understanding how the application process actually works, it’d be a miracle if we didn’t get a little bit confused at some point! (more…)

What is a Russell Group university and what does it mean for your education?

Deciding which British university is the right one for you can be a difficult choice when there’s a vast number of courses and locations to choose from.\r\n\r\nAdd in those additional considerations – such as whether your chosen university is a Russell Group or not – and things really start getting confusing!\r\n\r\n (more…)

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