How International Students Benefit from Pre-masters in UK Universities

Going to a place like the UK to pursue post graduation feels like a distant dream that will never become a reality for a lot of us. This is because of a few factors like low scores in under graduation, inefficient English communication skills and so on.

Don’t frown. Bring out that big smile of yours because that is not the actual case. Despite all that, you can still make your dream a reality by working through a pre-master course in the UK.

So, what is this pre-masters?

Pre-master is a fundamental course offered by various universities in the UK with a short duration of about 10 weeks to 12 months based on your requirement. While pursuing this course you will be trained in English, the basics of your chosen master’s specialization, along with an introduction to the culture, academic style and educational method of UK.

Completing a pre-master course in a UK University in most cases will assure you a place in the Master Degree Program of the University you are enrolled in. If not, it will at the least open up a lot of gates for you to seek those opportunities.

Who should pursue this course?

Pre-masters courses in the UK are tailor-made for international students.  Here is a list of reasons why international students opt for a pre-masters

  • You have a keen interest in pursuing your higher education at an esteemed university in the UK.
  • You have studied in a different educational system than the one followed in UK and so you do not qualify to apply.
  • You feel like you need to develop your English communication skills a bit more or your IELTS scores do not fulfill the requirement of the university of your choice.
  • You are not satisfied with what you scored at your undergraduate level and fear that you might not get placed in a good university because of this.
  • You want to deviate from your core subjects and hence need special training to familiarize yourself with this new interest of yours.
  • You want to develop your confidence and skills to be prepared to excel in your masters.

What will you get out a pre-master course in UK?

1. Diving deep into the UK culture

Most international students are hit by culture shock as soon as they land. As a part of pre-masters courses in UK for international students, you will have enough and more time to explore the place, get to know the culture, develop connections and relationships before you begin your actual post-graduation degree.

While you won’t feel like a native you will at least feel more at home and the raw edge of panic in a new situation will wear off.  You can then concentrate on acing your degree and living your best life when you take up your Masters and forget all about assimilation pains. FYI, most pre-master courses in UK Universities offer special support through counsellors, organize multiple events and group activities that you can use to familiarize yourself with the UK and also make friends.

2. Becoming a pro in UK’s way of education

The UK has a unique and engaging way of education that pushes for creativity and aids students to excel. Coming from different educational styles, students often find it difficult to adapt and thereby miss out on scoring well in the beginning.

You need not worry about this as your pre-masters course will cover study skills like listening skills, researching skill. You will be able to analyze what is expected of you as a student and tune yourself so that you can exceed expectations in your Masters.

3. Developing your English skills

English skills are mandatory for a student in the UK. Even though a lot of us have a good vocabulary and will be good in colloquial English, we might still struggle. This is because Academic English is a whole new ball game.

This too will be a cakewalk for you as UK Universities concentrate a lot in this area. Pre-masters in UK for international students will give you training in every type of academic writing that the university will be expecting from you in your masters. You can go in prepared to tackle every assignment and project with ease.

4. Getting an early start with core subjects.

Being prepared is key to success. Master’s students are expected to go through the topic of the class even before they step into the lecture halls. This is where you will have an edge over the rest, as the basics of your core subjects will be covered in advance as a part of the pre-masters course in your university. This will also come in handy if you are looking to divert from your field of studies and venture into a new field as the core subjects training will start right from the basics.

5. Living the University life

As a student of the pre-masters course in a UK University, you will have complete access to the university campus, facilities and faculties just like a master’s student. Here you have the unique opportunity to learn to live as an independent student but still with the training wheels.

6. Getting a masters seat in your dream uni

Getting a direct seat in a reputed university in the UK as an international student is quite a hard task. Many students try every year only to fail and try again. You will not have this problem as all of the universities that offer pre-masters courses in the UK have a predesigned pathway to help you transition to masters. Many even offer a guaranteed seat in their own university provided you finish your pre-masters with good scores.


Let’s talk requirements

  1. A recognized higher education degree or diploma of 3 years or more in a related field.
  2. IELTS score. (This is key as it will determine the length of your course)

5.0 – 3 terms

5.5 – 2 terms

6.0 – 1 term

That’s it! With these two in place, you can start to plan the beginning of your next big step today!

If you are looking for more information on pre-masters courses apt for international students in UK or personal counselling click here, chat here or contact our experienced advisors who are always happy to help. Take the next big leap. All the best!