Studying in Australia? Here Are 10 Sights You Must See!

If you’ve chosen to study abroad in Australia then it’s likely that you’re interested in seeing what else the country has to offer beyond opportunities for learning. There are many famous cultural experiences to be had across the country, but in this list, we’ve covered some of the lesser-known and cheaper attractions which offer a more realistic look at Australian student life.
Sydney_Opera_House_vivid_Sydney_2013_arts_sceneThe iconic Sydney Opera House is probably something you’ll see quite regularly if you’re studying in the city, but there are plenty of cheaper alternative venues in Sydney where you can see fantastic live performances of theatre and music. The Metro Theatre, Oxford Art Factory and The Factory Theatre are just some of the great places to see live music and theatre for a far more reasonable price.

The Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo_reef_shoreline_australiaThe Great Barrier Reef is of course a spectacular sight, but it’s also extremely popular with tourists all year round. A low-key alternative is the Ningaloo Reef along the Western Australian Coast, which sees far fewer tourists because of its poorer transport links. But if you’re willing to make the trek and plan your route you’ll have a much more intimate and enjoyable time.

Mission Beach

mission_beach_australiaIf you insist on visiting the Great Barrier Reef then consider staying or visiting Mission Beach as an alternative to the more popular city of Cairns. With plenty of adventure sports on offer, a rainforest on your doorstep and a much more local feel to it than the tourist saturated Cairns, you’ll see more of the real Australia in north-Queensland’s Mission Beach.

Montague Island

Norfolk_Island_Philip_Island_australiaAnother of Australia’s tourist traps is Phillip Island, where people congregate in huge numbers to watch the penguins waddle to their nests after a day at sea. However if you want to avoid the large crowds you can see the exact same thing at Montague Island off the coast of New South Wales, with local volunteer and conservation efforts available for you to take part in if you wish.

Lennox Head

Byron_Bay_AustraliaFor those of you interested in alternative and surfer culture you’ll probably want to head straight for Byron Bay, but with its main streets now packed with tourists a better idea is to venture out into the surrounding villages. Lennox Head and the Byron Bay hinterland offer a much more relaxed atmosphere than the main town centre.

Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens

Brisbane_Botanic_Gardens_australiaIf you’re looking to save yourself some money then try hunting for some of Australia’s free attractions, such as Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens, where transportation on several bus routes is also free across the city. And if you need a cheap way to get there why not try the Greyhound Australia bus service, or the cheap train passes offered by Rail Australia.

The Glow Caves

Springbrook_Cave_australiaIf you’re looking for a spectacular sight then the glow worm caves of Queensland’s Tamborine Caves offer precisely that. After a short guided walk through a rainforest you’ll be greeted by the amazing sight of thousands of glow worms illuminating this man made conservation cave.

Wine Tasting

Mclaren_vale_vineyard_australiaAustralia is known for its selection of fantastic wines, and there are plenty of vineyards available for visiting and wine tasting across the country. From Margaret River in Western Australia and Hunter Valley in New South Wales, through to Barossa and Adelaide Hills in the South – there’s likely to be at least one great vineyard somewhere in your region of Australia.

Melbourne’s Laneways

Melbourne_laneways_AustraliaThe laneways of Melbourne are known for their artistic graffiti-covered appearance, but they’re also home to vibrant cultural offerings, including live music, vintage shops and Alfresco restaurants and cafes. As Melbourne is quite an expensive city you may want to cut costs by travelling there cheaply, which can be done using a Qantas Walkabout Air Pass helping to save money on domestic flights.

Coast to Coast

Why see one coast when you can see them all? A cheap and relaxing way to see lots of Australia’s beautiful coastline is via an Australian cruise. Some Australian cruises can cost as little as $100 per person per night, and this includes accommodation, meals, entertainment and transportation from port to port. Interested? Get in touch with one our expert representatives for further information on studying in Australia as an international student.