Top 5 Reasons to Choose the U.K. as Your Study Destination

Over 500,000 international students are in the UK pursuing their ambition to get a world-class education. A culturally rich heritage is the icing on the cake but the reason why studying in the United Kingdom is a badge of achievement is because of the highly-skilled academic staff. After all, a 5th of the global top 50 universities are in the UK. 

Here is why international students choose to study in the UK

Your British degree will be recognized and respected wherever you go. And a master degree from a UK university is usually for a year and is very intensive. A similar degree in the US would be more than a year. This means that a UK degree is more affordable. There is much more you need to know if you are asking yourself why study in the United Kingdom.  

  1. Wide range of courses

Whatever you want to study you can find universities in the UK that offer it.  There are numerous programs at both the undergraduate and master level. There is also the flexibility to combine different courses according to your interests and career goals.
UK universities are at the forefront of research. The University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow are collaborating on a $4.9 million government project to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the human body. Researchers from Oxford University are working on a vaccine that will be the breakthrough that we are all waiting for.

The quality of research is ensured by regular checks by The Reference Excellence Framework ( REF) in more than 154 leading universities and colleges. 30% of the universities in the UK are ‘world-leading’ in research and 46 % are ‘internationally excellent’.

U.K  Universities are also recognized globally for their programs in Art and Design, Business and Management, Media studies, Law, Geology, Radiography, Medical technology, social studies, to name a few. 

  1. Affordable Tuition Fee

Degrees awarded by U.K universities like Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Brookes University, and Staffordshire University are recognised the world over. What are the other benefits of studying in the UK? The courses are shorter than in the U.S. this is beneficial for students as the tuition fee in the UK ranges between £2,000 and £3,000  this is low compared to fees in other countries especially the U.S.  Students having a UK degree are recruited by top-notch companies like   IBM, BMW, Apple, Deloitte, Microsoft, Amazon, Nike, and, HP to name a few.

  1. Learn from students of different nationalities

The UK is a popular study destination for students from across the globe. There are nearly 4 lakh students from over 180 countries studying in the U.K. You will experience hospitality and warmth and make new friends. Many international students follow a career in different countries and this exposure helps them. You will also get opportunities to go on study exchange programmes as well as internships.

  1. Exploring the UK

As a student in the UK, you have opportunities to explore the country while studying. Students can visit some of the popular tourist attractions like Peak District, Sherwood Forest famous for the Robin Hood tales. It is easy to go on backpacking trips to any of the European countries. This advantage you would not get if you were to study in Australia or America.  

  1. Health benefits

As an international student in the U.K, you will have access to the National Health Service if you have been studying in the U.K for six months or more. This service will be available to you on payment of a small International Health Surcharge. Indian students who are full-time scholars enjoy the additional benefit of free medical treatment by the NHS. Also, the NHS is providing a free COVID -19 test to all its international students.

UK Universities are set to reopen

 UK Universities are set to re-open for Autumn 2020 following strict safety measures.

With the view to keeping students safe, guidelines ensure that students are monitored in small groups for academic as well as other correlated activities. This is called the protective bubble

To encourage social distancing, classes will be conducted online in addition to face-to-face learning as necessary. 

According to the New Home Office guidance, international students scheduled to study in the UK, beginning Autumn 2020, will be permitted to pursue distance learning for the academic year 2021.  Furthermore,  distance learning / blended learning students will be eligible to apply for the Graduate route, provided they are in the UK by April 2021.  

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