Virtual Counselling to Study Abroad in the Time of Coronavirus

The world’s top priority right now is to fight the coronavirus. Using social isolation as our powerful weapon, we are safeguarding ourselves and our fellow humans from this pandemic. Of course, your health is the most important aspect of your life but does that mean you should put your dreams and aspirations on hold? Absolutely not. Virtual counselling with education advisors is the way to start exploring options right now.

IEC Abroad has taken the complete student journey from finding a university to applying and then admission – completely online. We’ve launched Edvoy,  our end-to-end digital platform.  One of the services provided is Instant contact with our advisors. Discuss everything you want to know about studying abroad in these times. 

What is Virtual Counselling?

Technology gives us simple solutions for tough situations. Covid – 19 has locked us inside our homes.  Therefore, there is no question of a face-to-face consult. Virtual counselling aims to make this difficult situation productive.

Definitely, the situation today raises a lot of doubts and worries. You would most likely have questions and concerns regarding the immediate future of any education abroad plans. Getting guidance from education advisors online helps you to understand better the current situation and make future plans accordingly.  

You can also reach our counselors directly via phone calls, Skype and WhatsApp.

What changes in a virtual vs. face-to-face consultation?

In a face-to-face consultation session, you can see a counsellor, explain your questions and speak to them about your interests. Our counsellors will meet you a couple more times to find our aspirations and make plans. That’s exactly what happens in virtual counselling, excluding the travel from home to the consultation office. Just book an e-meeting from the comfort of your home. Less travel, less energy, only stress-free useful knowledge and advice.

In view of the present situation, don’t you think seamless online consulting is the way forward?

How does a completely digital admission process work?

Our educational experts are well qualified in delivering full assistance right from the discovery of your chosen courses and colleges to time-consuming procedures such as visa clearance and pre-departure. Let’s look at how your journey will be with us by your side on this educational adventure.

Step 1: Tell us your interest

Student profiling is the first step. Call us and speak to us about all your hopes and desires. Give us your list of favourite colleges and programmes along with a short student profile. Talk with us about your concerns and your dilemmas. You’ll have clarity at the end of this discussion, and we’ll have enough details to get to work creating a plan just for you. Once we curate a tailored schedule, we will carry out a thorough review of your application.

Step 2: Polishing the Application – Documents; SOPs; Entrance Tests

  • Tests: There are many recognised tests for enrollment such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and GRE. Many colleges favour GMAT, others choose GRE. We will tell you the exams you should take and the score that you need to get for each university on your chosen list. In fact, we will also help you train for these exams. It’s mportant to remember that most mainstream testing organisations are already focusing on online exams for students. This way you can take up that exam without stepping out of the house.
  • Documents: Checklist! Checklist! Most of us have qualifications which are more than enough to be accepted to our chosen school. The real trick is to provide all the documents and details needed accurately and within time. Every university needs a specific collection of documents. Our advisors will help you get your documents prepared and send them on to our document verification experts. They will thoroughly test it on the grounds of university requirements to guarantee your entry. What you need to do is follow our checklist to upload your documents to your profile on
  • Statement of Purpose: An SOP in most situations helps you define yourself and your aspirations for the university. Our advisors will advise you with the best tips to build an empowering SOP. Upon cross-checking everything carefully, they will guide you through your application.

At this point, you should be excited to start getting calls from your dream Universities.

Step 3: College Admissions

Start preparation to receive calls from universities.  As soon as you start getting calls from colleges, the next move will be admission interviews. Interviews are very daunting for many candidates. Note, the university is already interested and is now looking to get to know you. It is important, therefore, to remain calm and react confidently. Our highly trained consultant in this field will help you bring your best selves forward.

So, what’s next? – Confirmed entry into your future class!

Imagine walking out of your house after lockdown with confirmed admission to an international university! It appears to be unreal, doesn’t it? We’re helping you make this happen. In fact, we also help with time-consuming procedures such as passport and pre-departure. We support you all along your journey.

As a citizen of the world, sit at home to help avoid the outbreak. As a person of passion, make your dreams come true from home. Take your first step by speaking to our advisors, today.

Read more about us at IEC, the kind of help and assistance that we can offer as an international education applicant.