Canada Announces Flexible Visa Norms for International Students

Canada has introduced new flexibility norms catering to international students. According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), students would be eligible to work in Canada after graduation, even if they start their course online this fall.

The new measures introduced are

  • Students who apply online will be given priority study permits to ensure quick processing of the permits.
  • Students who have spent time pursuing their studies from their home country will be allowed to count the time spent towards their eligibility for PGWP. If the following conditions are fulfilled:           

             a) They should have submitted a study permit application 

              b) They should have completed at least 50% of their programme in Canada

  • A temporary two-stage approval process will be implemented to improve  confidence of international students who are not able to submit all the documentation needed to complete processing of their applications 

Once services are fully operational then applicants will have to submit the remaining document and receive an approved study permit before being allowed to travel to Canada according to IRCC.

The process is available to students starting a programme in the fall semester provided they submit a study permit application before September 15, 2020.

Students who have already submitted a complete study permit application will be provided priority processing.

Eligible applicants who have been accepted at a Canadian learning institution and have the necessary funds will be officially informed of the first stage approval.

Final approval will be given to students once they satisfy all the requirements for admission, including the submission of necessary documents such as biometrics, an immigration medical exam and a police certificate.