The UK Home Office Announces Blended Learning Graduates Still Eligible For Post-Study Work Rights

The UK Home Office is very clear that immigrant students should not in any way, be inconvenienced

This guidance sets out a temporary policy concession for Tier 4 students, Tier 4 sponsors, and short-term study students consequent on COVID 19.

According to the New Home Office guidance, International students scheduled to study in the UK, beginning Autumn 2020, will be permitted to pursue distance learning for the academic year 2021 provided that they are prepared to move to face -to- face learning as soon as circumstances allow. 

Furthermore,  distance learning / blended learning students will be eligible to apply for the Graduate route, provided they are in the UK by April 2021. 

Distance learning has been made possible for students with a 4 Tier Visa. Students pursuing an existing course and those wishing to enrol in a new course must necessarily meet all the needs of Tier 4, including academic progression. Students taking up short term courses are given an exceptional extension of leave in view of COVID 19 and will be permitted to pursue a further course other than the one they had registered for when they entered the UK.

For short term students whose leave expires after 31st July will also be permitted to study a further course, subject to the condition that they complete the original course that they came in to study.

Concerning students whose 30 days visas has expired or is due to expire can request for a replacement Visa with revised validity dates. No charges will be levied for this purpose until the end of the year.

The Corona Visa Immigration Help Centre will assist such students. These students will be required to give their NAME/NATIONALITY/ DATE of BIRTH/GWF reference number with ‘REPLACEMENT 30 DAYS VISA’ in the subject line. This process will be in place until the end of the year 2020.