UK Government announces “Office for Talent”

The UK Government has announced a new drive to become a scientific superpower by setting up an ” Office for Talent”. One of the positive outcomes of this initiative is the extension of the graduate route for international PhD graduates looking at the job market.

PhD graduates who are completing their studies in the year 2021 will be eligible for the new extension route. 

Vivienne Stern, Director UUKI, said that the graduate route introduced in September last year would be extended to permit PhD scholars to work in the UK for three years, replacing the present cap of the two-year term.

As part of its Research and Development Road Map, the new office for talent would begin work with immediate effect.

“The R&D Roadmap sets out our plan to attract global talent, cut unnecessary red tape and ensure our best minds get the support they need to solve the biggest challenges of our time,” announced business secretary, Alok Sharma.

The effectiveness of current rules will be reviewed and excellent customer service made available across the immigration system.

There will also be further improvements in the new points-based immigration system when the student route opens up this Autumn. These improvements will come in various forms –  

  • An extension of the time frame within which students can make visa applications
  • Removal of study time limits at the post graduation level
  • Permitted to switch to any other type of visa within the UK without needing to leave the country.

The Global Talent Scheme has opened to EU citizens allowing highly-skilled scientist and researchers to enter the UK without a compulsory job offer.