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Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Indian Students

With an intent to attract students of high caliber, multiple scholarships and grants are provided to hundreds of international students pursuing studies in Universities in Ireland. Scholarships are available from 3 major sources – the Government of Ireland, Universities and individual colleges.
    1. Government of Ireland scholarships:€10,000 stipend is provided to individuals along with full fee waiver for one full year for students pursuing Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. degrees.
    2. International Merit Scholarships from NUI Gallaway:National University of Ireland(NUI) Galway provides the following scholarships for a limited number of students –1. €2,000 for Undergraduate students 2. €2,000 for post-graduate students 3. €16,000 per year and fee waiver for prospective research students
    3. India specific schemes:A limited number of meritorious students from India can avail the following scholarships – a. Full tuition fees waiver under Max Arthur Macauliffe merit scholarship b. Full tuition fees waiver under Sir Peter Freyer special merit scholarship
    4. College-level scholarships:Each college offers numerous scholarships each year for students pursuing various degrees and these details can be obtained from the respective college websites.
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