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Planning to Study in New Zealand?

Study in New Zealand for Indian Students

There is a lot of time to balance between academic pursuits and enjoying the joy of exploring the landscape, personal hobbies or just oneself in the relaxed pace of New Zealand. New Zealand covers an area almost as big as Japan, but its population is about half of the population of Tokyo! Most cities, even some of the well-known ones, are relatively small and are sparsely populated. Here are some aspects for students from India to consider –

  1. Lifestyle: In multiple quality of studies, New Zealand ranks among the top and it is evident that it gives a lot of room to live, thrive and be oneself. Kiwi culture makes enough time for after-work activities on weekends and week-days.
  2. Landscape: The landscape of New Zealand offers a wide variety – snow-capped mountains, native forests, picturesque fjords and lakes, white-sandy beaches; there is an adventure for every kind of interest and individual.
  3. Society and culture: New Zealand remains one of the friendliest and safest places. It was named the second most peaceful country in the 2018 Global Peace Index and second least corrupt country by Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Students dress casually at school.
  4. Cost of living: Typical living costs are as follows – a. Accomodation and other costs: range from $555 per week for a 3-bedroom house to $215 per room per week
    • Utility bills: NZ$200
    • Mobile Phone: NZ$25
    • Broadband internet: NZ$50
    • Study materials: NZ$90

    b. Food: Weekly Costs for a basic healthy diet for an adult man range between $60 to $70
    c. Transport: While a lot of students around universities cycle around, most towns have buses with cheap fares offered for students in some areas. Large cities like Auckland and Wellington have train services to outer suburbs.
    d. Power: There is a choice of plans available from amongst 4-9 energy retailers in most areas.
    e. Phone and internet: Basic pre-paid plans with texting, data and talk time start from $19. Some of the larger city areas like central Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, and Rotorua have free wifi.
    f. Entertainment: Exploring the beautiful landscapes, beaches, forests, mountains, and lakes is free. In addition, free entertainment options include museums, art galleries, parks, outdoor movies, gardens, festivals, live music with some institutions also offering discount cards for students.
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