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Study in USA for Indian Students

When you have planned to study in USA, it is obvious that you want to study in the best college and get the most reputable degree in the field of your choice. The United States of America is the top destination for study in USA for Indian students after 12th. Here are 5 reasons why study in the USA for international students is a good choice:
  • The US has six of the top 10 universities in the world. Degrees from these colleges have a global repute.
  • Campus life is fascinating with its diversity; people across the globe to study here and you get to mix with people from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • The universities provide state-of-the-art facilities such as knowledge resources, computers, the Internet, modern classrooms and trending technology.
  • You will have a wonderful classroom with interactive professors, debates and discussions and rubbing shoulders with the greats in the field.
  • The academic environment is flexible; you are not looked over your shoulder. Your involvement and independent work are much appreciated. During the major portion of your semester, you will be studying independently the subjects you have chosen.

Cost of study in USA for Indian students
The cost of study in USA for Indian students after 12th will depend on the course and level of study. A normal undergraduate course cost of study in USA for Indian students is about Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 30,00,000 per year. You can also choose to study in USA from India after graduation. Click free consultation below for more on cheap universities in the USA for international students.

Student life in the USA
If you want to study in USA for Indian students after 12th, prepare yourself for great and active student life in the US. Vast and diverse as it is, the US is also different from state to state in terms of accent, lifestyle and social values. You will find people with a wide spectrum of outlook on life. While people in Maryland, California and Massachusetts are tolerant, liberal and progressive, people from Texas and Tennessee are conservative, traditional and practical. Wherever you are studying, you will find people, generally friendly, outgoing, humorous and communicative.
On the campus, you will run into people from diverse countries, different in habits and customs but united in their pursuit of higher education. You will find life fascinating. Scholarships for study in USA for Indian students are available in plenty provided they qualify themselves for them. For more on scholarship to study in USA for Indian students, click free consultation button given below.

What to do on arrival?
As a student interested to study in USA from India after graduation, be prepared for all formalities at the immigrations immediately upon arrival. Do not carry any stuff that is not permitted; have all your papers such as passport, visa and I-20 in order. If the university picks you up, it is great. If not have someone to pick you up. If you have none, it doesn’t matter. People, particularly, the officials at the airport are helpful.
Once you have arrived, it will take a day or so to overcome your jetlag. And you are ready for an academic life ahead.
Register yourself with the college or university. This is important and also an indication that you have arrived and reported. They might ask you to get your health insured which is fine because that is what you will do next.

Health insurance
As a student going to make US your home for some time, it is best to have your health insured. Doctors’ fee and medicines are expensive and it is here that insurance helps. You have to fix an appointment with the doctor before you visit and this could involve, sometimes, a day or two of waiting. It pays to have emergency first aid medicine such as painkillers and antibiotics in hand. You have two options to buy your health insurance: from the university or from private providers.

Going around the town
It is easy to commute in the towns and cities of the US. You have the local tram or commuter service in most cities. You can carpool and go out with friends on weekends. If you are living close to the town, just walk around to explore. Ensure that you obtain a driving license. It is easy and not very time-consuming. By sitting a written test, you can first get a temporary license (TIP) which allows you to drive with somebody holds a permanent license. After six months, by taking a driving test, you can apply for a driving license. You can hire or borrow a car to go around the place or visit other towns and cities.
Managing your finances and making your budget go further
The first thing that you will do as a student after you report at the campus is to open a bank account. The procedure is simple. Once you have an account opened, you have a credit card so that you need not carry considerable hard cash. It is better to play it safe when you are commuting, particularly late in the night. A bank account also helps you get funds transferred from home easily and quickly.
You will have to plan well for your accommodation. Where you will stay will depend on how much you can pay. Most first-year or freshman students prefer university dorms. You can either share a room or choose to stay in a room for yourself. Staying in a university dorm has its benefits and disadvantages. If you are a very private person, you might find the bustle of campus life almost 24/7. However, you can commute to your classes easily and take advantage of the campus food stores and canteens. If you have money to spend, you can opt for private apartments in the city or town. Make sure you have your name on the lease. Your housing history will impact your efforts to get another one in a new town or city.
Keep a tab on visa rules and policies
Keep alert on new rules and policies regarding visa. And have an eye on the expiry date of your visa and passport lest you should panic in some last minute emergency.
American culture, people and food
American culture, people and food will depend on which of the states you are in. you will not find any difference in major cities such as New York or Miami where it is multi-cultural and food of every variety and cuisine is available. You can find a McDonalds or Subway wherever you go. However, be prepared for a culture shock if you are moving out of home for the first time. Company of classmates and friends can help you greatly with settling in.
Climate in the USA
The US is a huge country with six time zones. The climate of the place will depend on where you are and how far away you are from the coast. The climate is mostly continental with frigid winters and hot summers. Ensure that you have appropriate clothing to keep you comfortable.
Ask IEC Abroad India
If you are planning to study in the USA, and want information and assistance regarding courses, best universities in the US, accommodation and visa process, click the free consultation button below.

Work and Study in the USA
There's no getting away from the fact that studying in the USA is expensive. Working alongside your studies in America is possible, but there are perhaps more restrictions than you might find in other countries.
In general, you won't be able to work off-campus during your first academic year, but you will be able to take employment in an on-campus role. Your university will usually be able to assist you in finding suitable employment or with getting access to specified training schemes.
After your first year, there are specific programmes available which are designed to help international students gain employment such as Optional Practical Training and Curricular Practical Training.
Find more details about what work you are able to do alongside your studies on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

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